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Added Value

On January 28, 2009, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Assign the dynamic force to your potential, by creating a leverage that would maximally increase efficiency.

A little girl aged of only seven years enters with confidence on the skating rink. At first sight, she does not seem different with anything from other children of her age that are coming every day at training. They are skating with the same speed, continuously repeating the same movements of arms and, like other children, learning daily new figures of skating and new dance moves.

However, from all the children, she is the only one skating and during breaks. She is the only one remaining still a quarter of an hour after the closing time. Moreover, she is the only one that has most of the bruises on the legs and hands.

Observing the dedication, with which this little girl struggled to execute each movement after the ending the classes of training, an employee of the skating rink asks the coach:

- After so many falls, and after so many bruises acquired during training, why did this girl continues skating even after the program?

With a lot of conviction, the coach replies:

- Her ambition is to continue improving herself; her dream is to become the best skater in the world.

Leadership: Do you update the image of your concrete involvement in the dynamics of a transition process, from the "test of your inner strength" to the stage of "the cost of exploiting maximum potential"?

The only important factor in building your own character is related to the way on how you conquer that vast territory, limited by many of those around you, that unites your mental forces of the physical ones. You can conquer it by a decisive act of faith and will. Your ability to count on yourself, on the dedication with which you get involved in supporting your own attitude is the highest reward that you bring to your personal and professional progress. You have to grow in yourself before becoming a long-distance runner.

The performance is a complex process, by weaving into a whole welded and balanced the various temperaments and characteristics of people. No matter how different would be the internal structure of each individual, performance cannot be created than by bunching those particles from him that, taking them out to light, grinding them through work and dedication, are bringing him more towards excellence, turning his potential into advantage.

Performance is the hue of suffering you are experiencing through your constant dedication to fulfilling an authentic passion.

Trying to become a performer, without trying to bring out the maximum of your potential is like coming into possession of an ultra sophisticated light bulb, even if you live in an area that is not connected to electricity. First, you need to get a source of energy, a powerful electric generator - such as the ambition to be the best, to prove a consistent and deepened concern for each of the decisive stages of your own aspirations’ concretion, and only then to connect your abilities on achieving results.

The energy, as someone once remarked on the web, is the force that makes go "something" of your potential in dynamic or conversely, therefore an applied force, which produces a change of state.

Can you assign your potential a dynamic force, creating a leverage for yourself (that particular form of energy) that maximally amplifies your efficiency?

Can you produce a change in your mood? What is that "something" of your potential, on which only if you apply some force may become active and enough energetic in order to raise your level of competence required for your professional development?

Leadership: Can you bring a personal contribution through your experience, skill, and dedication, to achieving benchmarks in case you reach a threshold of exhaustiveness in your field?

Inner strength captures that manifestation of character translated by cultivating and experiencing the feeling of superiority. And the cost of exploiting maximal potential, responsible for producing the resonance phenomenon through which the soul, the mind, and the body become a unique and blessed entity, is what you do while trying to overcome your limits.

The elite performers are also people, like all of us - they have passions, aspirations, ideals, ambitious thoughts and fears. Even if you will read many formidable things about them, they still are people. And, equally, they passed through many trials and failures during their life, just as the other people.

However, there is one thing that sets them apart from all others: an added value. In other words, they continue to train themselves and even after working hours, when everyone else stops working. Their value increases, largely due to the extra effort they make in order to improve themselves.

You should not be a very intelligent person for becoming an elite performer, but you must be willing to develop your potential so you can evolve in the career you have chosen. If you do not continue to develop, progress and improve yourself more than the rest of the world, you will get stuck into the routine of mediocrity, and therefore, you will never reach excellence.

The threshold of exhaustiveness in your field is reached when the work you do with passion identifies with the assumed guiding principles, leading to a violation of the limits of resistance encountered during training.

In this case, your reference value is given by the ratio of willingness of enduring any sacrifice and the ambition of achieving a high ideal of performance.


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