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Do You Attract Clients Like A Magnet?

On April 12, 2009, in Leadership-Y5-SuperZoom, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to give value to your product by what you know it will become, leaving an unforgettable impression through its location in a perimeter bounded by exposure resulting from the experience of "consuming" it.

What would happen if after many experiments and research you would create an efficient equipment for the automobile industry? I will try to answer in your place at this question, having the hope that my answer will be good enough. First of all you will loan some money from a bank, from friends or from different investors to open a little enterprise who products the equipment you invented and which was tested and received the note of fabrication. Then you will make your product known all over the world through advertisements on TV or newspaper, and of course on the internet. In the shortest time the sales will rise spectacular you will become famous and rich.

But now comes the most interesting part. Because they invested millions of euro in finding an equipment just like yours and they didn't reach any results, the competitive companies will do everything it's possible to make your situation harder, to blemish you and to destroy your image. The question is: will the clients still appeal at your services? Will they still buy the equipment you invented after you had negative publicity?

Yes they will, and even more determined. Why? Because the equipment and its performances are special from other, the price is good, the design is well made, the delivery conditions are advantageous, etc.

Leadership: Does the image you attribute to your product correspond to redefining its applicability area in a real-life situation or a simulation of producing added value?

The application area of a product can be redefined in a real situation of producing added value when the buyer’s perception of superior product quality is the immediate result of an inexpressible state of joy in response to a single wish.

Or, the same product applicability area can be redefined in a simulation situation of producing added value when there is a possibility of confusion regarding the promotional campaign’s warranty, timeliness, accuracy, and details. And when there is a possibility of omission directly attributable to the manufacturer, the payment is reduced or canceled in part.

Everything would be much easier if we could succeed to be the first ones who promoting their quality services on the market.

It seems that on any market where the quality of the services it's on the first place, the entrepreneurs who are winners are those who have the favorable place, who are the first to act in a certain area of activity, who get involved actively in satisfying with promptitude and professionalism the requirements and the expectations of all the clients. If you fight for affirmation and wish to attract success in a domain characterized by competition than you have to give all your interest to win the trust of many clients, to offer such good services that everybody to appeal often at you, at the company you lead.

Leadership: Is the product you are promoting the involuntary result of an image perception and reproduction error that calls for a bleak conclusion regarding its location?

The most important thing you have to do is to find a method through which you can make your clients depend on your product or your services. This thing is possible only if you succeed to come first to greet his necessities with an efficient solution which you can sell after under a product or a service. Like a magnet which attracts steel, you have to attract clients offering them what they want and make them come every time to you and to always seek the services you provide. Making customers come back again and again only to you, this is what effective marketing means.

No matter how unmoral the competition would be, if you become a master in your domain and succeed to create products and services indispensable for clients, you will not have reasons to worry. Just like at a doctor, who gained his reputation of healing any disease, appeals many patients, also will appeal at you if you create a enviable reputation, if you offer products and services of high quality.

Before making the big step, ask yourself first if the services and products which your firm offers solve someone problems. Than make all the possible to increase your services and products to satisfy the exigency of your clients. Your concern should be to provide services and products so good, cheap and necessary, that more and more customers to appeal at your company.

Question: Does the location of a product have a direct impact on buyers when the product is evaluated at the time of its definitive cessation of use?


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