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Be The First To Make The Move

On October 09, 2009, in Personal Development, by Neculai Fantanaru

Enhance your performance level, by enabling that useful option from your operating mode that allows you to get results with great effect.

They perished because they have not acted on time.

During an expedition to the Australian desert, a platoon consisting of 60 soldiers was attacked from all sides by the enemy. The commander has ordered the soldiers to take the fight position. Aligned in the shooting position and armed to the teeth, the soldiers were waiting with fear the order to attack from their commander.

One bullet fatally hit the commander just before ordering the attack. All the soldiers were slaughtered while waiting for the order.

The leader is not a picture that stays put in its own frame, looking somber and imposing a certain seriousness in interpretation. But rather, he is an image that stands behind a strategic transformation: from the status of a mortal to that of an idea that cannot be killed.

If you like to walk with the bike, then you know that the faster you are pedaling, the more stable you could maintain your balance. If you stand still your balance is seriously shaken.

To act effectively, often means to "pedal" as fast as possible. To act quickly is often more important than if you continue to create strategies, or if you expect the appropriate moment to emphasize yourself.

The Presence of a leader is directly related to the degree of focusing attention in the direction of risk analysis, with an equal intensity of consciousness directed at the exercising of his attributions through acts of courage and heroism.

Typically, the feeling of tension and the need for urgent action, can transform yourself into a real magnet for failure - because they fragment your performance capacity, by making you forget to concern about all the important details that can support you in the steps that you carry on.

This fragmentation of your own capacity has an impact on the way you function. However, it does not impede your progress, on the contrary, if it is positive can facilitate the appearance of success and the premises of a sustainable development. It is aimed to activate in your modus operandi that useful option that allows you to get results, which allows you to focus on conquering the virgin territories of your field.

Leadership: Do you make your presence felt by adopting a look that analyzes everything from the perspective of consequences that you anticipate in a risk-free manner?

Performance ability refers to all the fundamental human traits that are constant over time, with regard to scenes experienced through their approaches and understanding of their representation on the line of consciousness, being responsible for the stable patterns of responses to the situations they could change in favor of a collective identity.

The fragmentation of your own abilities, which involves a certain representation of yourself on the basis of attributes specific to the collectivity in which you live, is a process of spontaneous breakage of the connection between the existence of reality and the perception of it, between what inspires you and what you produce, between what you see from behind the curtain and what is on stage.

These abilities, almost eliminated in advance in the process of planning your own course, are the following: the ability of making deductions regarding the content of communicating a prognosis, the ability of initiative, enterprising spirit, sense of responsibility, perseverance until the completion of the mission, the ability to think of problems from different perspectives, the ability to act when faced with change, the ability to anticipate the course of events.

Leadership: Are you aware that by the means necessary for the realization of the proposed objectives you can determine the manifestation of the authority of authenticity that can be persuaded even before it is clarified?

The idea of being always the first who "attacks" is the basic idea of the Japanese negotiator. In chess, the player who starts the game, the white, has always a greater advantage in that he has taken the first step, the first move. Furthermore, as I said a little earlier, in a battle, the army that starts to shoot the first should not let the enemy the opportunity to respond.

Likewise, at the speed test, the athlete who has the best start wins most of the times. A fraction of a second can make the difference between to be or not to be a champion. Moreover, if you do not know, many times the students that graduate with the highest scores manage to engage themselves in the famous companies, without even appearing to the interview. Only through a simple recommendation. Therefore, occupying the top positions, to be among the best, can offer you many advantages in time.

In any company the most valuable employees – who always come with new ideas, who are more active, who permanently involve themselves in solving problems are always appreciated by the managers. Therefore, they are better paid and are promoted faster in higher positions than those who are not sufficiently productive.

Learn to create that magic of predestination that will lead people to align to your convictions, ideals, and actions in a context of the type: "the only weight we do not feel, but we experience, is the air, glory and history."

Act effectively. "Pedal" as fast as possible. Be always one step ahead of others. Be always the first in the domain in which you work. Be the first to find the best solutions to the emerged problems. Decide today that you will become the most valuable person in the company.

If you do not want to diminish your uniqueness, enhance your performance level by enabling that useful option from your operating mode that allows you to achieve spontaneous and lasting results.


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