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The Magician's Dance (I)

On April 13, 2010, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Develop your leadership towards what you want to become, by entering into relationship with the defining authority that has the power to control the particular.

Finally, after several years, they met again. Miquel had just been named governor in the New Aragon, a new province, in which he had to know how to lead, while Don Diego de la Vega, his steady friend, became an exceptional swordsman, probably the best in the world.

Miquel had big plans, he dreamed of building a new world, based on justice and equity. However, all his dreams were shattered when, in the very night they met again, he was attacked by Colonel Huerta's assassins, a corrupt and unscrupulous man, who wanted to lead the New Aragon at all costs.

Diego did not have the time to save his friend, but before he gave his last breath, Diego swore to him that he would fulfill all the principles and ideals he believed in. So he housed his personality under a pseudonym: Zorro.

Leadership: Do you assume the compromise in determining the personality characteristics that you are handling, showing yourself limited and deficient precisely in what it means from the perspective of a widening of influence?

So said, so done. Just like a fine psychologist, using his friend's name and title, Diego declares himself governor, as soon as he arrives in New Aragon. And in order to remove any suspicion and to avoid any possible conspiracy for murder, he disguises as a very sensible, always stumbly and overly fearful and emotional man, displaying an unwanted clumsiness everywhere he went.

The thrill of the first dance. Just like a beginner dancer in passo doble who picks up his first and truly troublesome steps with a ridiculous clumsiness, and slowly, timidly and inattentively executes all the moves, Diego, wherever he would be, almost constantly, asks for precise directions, always in need of guidance, he moves people to laughter or tears through his uncontrolled and uncertain attitude, thus becoming for everyone at the Court a novice, incapable and uninteresting character.

Just as he well planned, Diego rather looks like a buffoon trying to entertain people, and under no circumstance, an avenger with his sword out. But, indirectly, this entire game was aimed at expanding its area of influence, Zorro first earned his reputation by exploiting the weakness he showed to the world, the by ensuring the condition of originality in imposing his own rules.

Leadership: Do you find yourself trapped within a fairly narrow space for handling your role?

If an action thinking and planning core is bombarded by a lot of difficult, but at the same time interesting constraints and challenges, the only way to cope is by locking yourself outside your safety zone. Or, in other words, by manifesting that high virtue named by the Romanian writer Nicolae Iorga: "the ability to get out of curfew".

Leadership can constitute only with great exceptions a model of solidarity and cooperation in a strongly competitive environment, if you are trapped within a fairly narrow space for handling your role. On the contrary, leadership rather seems reordered and newly refined over a varied context of situations and experiences, expressed through a thinking structure that places man in many instances.

The role you assume must be an extension of the need to not give up in the fight with yourself when there are imposed upon you these risk limits calculated by the rule: "it is easier to accept the wickedness of others, than it is to impose your kindness."

Leadership: How do you manifest your "particular" in the game of personality changes?

One of the leader’s facets is that of "dancer-actor", getting into the role of he who leave his mark in a pleasant way, making easily noticed in the process of his own laws of operation.

Such a man uses the probability of "appearance" and the corresponding impact on the objectives, looking for balance in the absence of his limits, risking his life before an enormous power. The power to face an oppressive authority, with a negative connotation, called "predestination", more through the deep exploration of the „particular".

The particular is what remains after crossing an area populated with limits. Is the result of what you do with every step of the construction of new identities and new styles of leadership (based on jumps, turns, pirouettes, combination of skills, change of scenarios, complex schemes of action and hidden agendas). And it will depend to some extent to the special game in front of you: the game of personality changes.

Leadership is a mind and thinking game towards what you want to become, which you can skilfully enter into your book of life and accomplishments, where you are the main player.

The magician’s dance expresses what you want to be in accordance with leadership, entering into relationship with a defining authority. This authority, coinciding with the degree of responsibility that you assume, must always give you obedience and, especially, have suspending or limiting power of others’ access in your own space for progress on the path of self-transformation.

* Note: Zorro (1975)


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