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The Prison Of Angels

On December 13, 2011, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

For people's perception about you to be correct, they need to feel your inner vibration.

A mistake. Only this it was needed for Vivian Ward, the beautiful lady companion, to leave the controversial businessman, Edward Lewis. After a short argue, but painful, Vivian tells him:

- I've never had anyone make me feel as cheap as you did today. If you were going to tell everybody I'm a hooker, why didn't you just let me wear my own clothes? I'm sorry I ever met you. I'm sorry I ever got into your stupid car ! I want my money. I want to get out of here !

After she uttered these words, Vivian went out of the room crying, but without taking the money. She stopped in front of the elevator, which seemed no coming. In her mind, it was like saying to her: "Oh, my dear friend, my lover, you are older, richer, but not wiser."

Leadership: Do you introduce into the world a subjective way of gaining access to its ultimate foundation, according to experience experienced at different levels of your being?

Vivian had the feeling that she had lost half of her being. For a few days, she was connected to Lewis by an invisible thread. However, the spell had broken off. He managed to fill with joy her whole existence, now he excluded from her anything else. Nevertheless, the poor consolation that she felt now it was strengthening her decision. She had to go, had to say goodbye to her dream of fulfilling her love, of finding that spiritual wealth that only the finest hearts crave.

He crossed the ocean of pain and reached the other shore. Lewis went after her. He was silent about a moment, hardly striving to find the answer. Did he forget it? Did he guess it? Then, he told her with that sincere cordiality which conquers all hearts, as if he would be focused on her aura, by using that power to meet her wishes:

- I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I don't want you to go.

These words had the gift for calming Vivian outright, as if she did not have to carry that burden by alone. It was as if she had read his thoughts, guessing his true feelings.

-You hurt me. Don't do it again.

Introducing into the world a subjective way of gaining access to its ultimate grounds is to expand your personal power to the level of instinct to judge events and deeds that damage the dignity of others through their own misfortunes, fears, resentments or frustrations.

One of the ultimate groundworks of the world is the state of well-being obtained by cutting the conflict between the arbitrary image you make of others and the reality you experience when you give up on yourself, on selfishness, and any other negative feeling.

Leadership: Do you place yourself in front of a change of meaning in the lives of others, without being sure of the direction you have to go?

Just as a single drop of blood detains the entire genetic code of a being, so your emotional coefficient gives continuity to all the other constitutive elements of your leadership. Leadership is like a work of art that cannot be complete if the constituent element of the total expression is missing, or it is not fully realized.

Through the medium of your leadership, you reveal something of the nature of your own feelings. You are leading by the way you feel, by the way you relate to people, and by the way you care about their spiritual experiences and inner impulses.

Your leadership can be paradise or a prison, depending on how you are perceived by the other people, and depend on how you perceive your own being. Once you have gained the status of a leader, you are connecting to people by an invisible thread. However, the spell that is controlling their motivation it quickly breaks, if they feel the partial or total absence of your feelings.

Leadership: Can you translate into visual terms everything you get to know through the senses and emotions?

The direction you’re going in can be distinguished by the image you take with you and is reflected in all that you accept or not in those around. To cultivate an image means to suggest a model of seeing, perceiving, and expressing man and the world, before transmitting a message of confirming your own desires.

And to paraphrase what Romanian writer, Cornel Ailincăi said: "To see is not merely an act of monochrome recording of your surroundings and neither an interrupted dazzling on the verge of revealing a meaning, but rather a penetration into an infinity of concealments and omissions that make up a story that you deliver along with the confirmation of your own inner foundation."

If you want to situate yourself in a strong position in the soul of people, you must prioritize the values according to their importance, but first you must guess, you have to try finding the answer about the main ingredient, which requires to be incorporated into the foundation that shapes your image. Your answer may fill people with joy their whole existence, or may exclude from it anything else.

Leadership: Are you blocking any way to escape from your inner space empire?

When I think of the process of establishment and improvement of relations, I remember a character from a famous novel, which was playing with a ladybug. He was putting it on the desk, and was building barriers from books around it. If the insect found a way to escape, he immediately moved one of the books to block it.

In the position of the ladybug has put by himself and the multibillionaire Edward Lewis from the movie "Pretty Woman (1990)". He lifted up barriers and walls in his own soul, being insensitive to his and of other people's feelings. He has barricaded by himself in an area where there is nothing more important than his own person. He transformed himself into a prisoner by the power of money that influenced the emotional part of him, and dictated his life.

Leadership is the image you are building about yourself from the act of looking at the particular things that participate in forming the reality of others.

The prison of angels symbolizes the negative tempt of your leadership, which occurs due to the disagreement between your true feelings and those negative aspects which substantially diminishes your credibility. It is a way of serving a sentence for violation of your emotional part, and lasts until you correct your own values and guidelines.

"The escape" of Edward Lewis from the small prison, which he had built by himself, occurred when he learned to penetrate the mysteries of human nature, when he chose to listen to the voice of his heart, when for the first time in his life, someone proved that money does not make him a model to be followed, or to be praised, on the contrary, it overshadowed all his qualities.

In your leadership position, you must judge with your soul, not only with your mind. Take advantage of every opportunity and leave wide open the "gates of soul" not to get into the "prison of angels".

Vivian has served as a model of feeling and thinking. She felt the inner vibration of Edward, she perceived correctly and in a positive way his true nature, forgave him and returned to him. She was a guide, a high-caliber player in his life, getting him out from the position of "offside" which he had never got it into account.

Do you have the power to signalize the offside position that others are not taking into account?


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