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The Red Of A Rose Lost In The World Of Art

On August 21, 2019, in Leadership-Y5-SuperZoom, by Neculai Fantanaru

The symbolic value of a creation is the memory of the image from which the meaning and philosophy of the Ego (responsible for receiving the message of nature), determined to continually amaze through the diversity of the topics addressed, is drawn up.

I chose my favorite rose, Double-Delight. It is no more above its brothers than by the memory of a happy expectation, the dream of an entire artistic orientation whose only element of expression has been, for thousands of years, the gaze on the beautiful, the cursive image content, supported by rich and living colors, as only a painter could have traversed through a powerful emotion amplifier.

Its symbolic meaning is found only in a painting, the masterpiece of a mind that continually develops different roles, joints, sayings and interpretations, meant to put the expression of an instant emotion in superiority.

This is how the rose flower opens slowly, gracefully, without noise, as a wonderful combination of richness and beauty rarely encountered, revealing a fabulous color and aromatic palette, as a sign of appreciation for an artistic moment dedicated to the pure, majestic nature that is brimming with life. Appreciation of an unconscious beauty, the hidden message of a rose can be noticed in a fragment of “Dialogue about painting” by Lodovico Dolce:

“Lauro: I do not know how I would end it if beautiful colors were not sold, which bring me passage and victory.
Fabio: This way you only catch the eyes of the uninitiated. I am not scolding you because you use beautiful colors, but I would like them to win because of you, not for you to win because of them.”

Leadership: How does the impact between what you expect to find in yourself from an artistic point of view and what you present to the world arise from the similarity with the phrase “Value distinction”?

After all, I think I am what a rose thinks around a consecrated artist: it would benefit me greatly to produce a beautiful impression, to share a little story, a satisfaction of an aesthetic order, with someone who understands me. As a kind of investment of intelligence, sensitivity, passion and fantasy in the wonderful gesture of nature to express itself freely. Yes, that is how it is. Art requires a great power of penetration into the private life of every creation of nature.

The rose is the impact between what I expect to find in my artistic plane and what I present to the world through the filter of the similarity with the phrase “Value distinction”. Because beauty always has a cost, a value concept that follows that of popularizing art and culture, representing itself through a direct relationship of a subjective experience with the objective world.

The impact of importing a fragment of reality in a unique and personal way, in the case of music, occurs through the prism of the description that they give to the alternative reality from which an immediate reward stimulus is born: the act of being “desirable”, the act of considering myself important.

Especially since, very often, with elegance and the tact of a gentleman, I create a certain disposition to understand and to compare an old view with a new one, as a kind of obsession for something wonderful and uplifting. I induce a state of conformity with the miracle of a protective presence, as if taken from a fairytale, so that the attitude I adopt in front of a relatively difficult image to perceive for an ordinary man becomes for me the habit of a creative activity that will make me think of the refinement of those ladies in the Eastern world.

Artistically, everything has to be real, tangible in a poetic sense, even the illusion of living the part of a sensible male which saves a princess from a possible tragic fate – to display their beauty to saturation. Therefore, the cost of rendering an artistic image of rare beauty is given by the effort to capture something that never dies, as a moment of high emotional intensity, representing an indicator of efficiency in the case of producing color tones, dark or bright, in an exploration of the subjective reality with the source in the visual reception.

In the field of art, the cost has as a substitute the induction of the impression of living, the direct living of transferable feelings and the consideration of the suggestion of “the wonder of nature that is not only outside man, but also within him”.

The true appreciation of art is given by the artist’s effort to achieve something grand through reduced participation in social life, but in such a way that the feelings conveyed in his work, through colors, figures of speech and artistic images are interpreted as a confirmation of his inestimable value.

I imagine that there are quite a few painters able to recreate an experience not wasted by time by associating with everything that happens around us, with things that are distant, deformed, detached from personal experience. But I am not like them. I am dreaming of a stranger who looks at the personification of a concrete impression with fresh eyes, of a feeling of fullness, of a princely elegance to which I am connected at that moment of ecstasy in which it is seen that nature is satisfied with my choice, as its spiritual friend.

Because I always demand to see the humanization of nature up close, by the idea of “untouched paradise”, what on the canvas seems unusually familiar, so unlimited, indispensable in life. No wonder that whenever talking about roses I consider a single aspect: the similarity with the Creator’s qualities. And, like any artist of great value, I came to realize this great truth: “I only feel alone among people, and only in the midst of nature do I feel free from any compulsion.”

The cost of creating an unparalleled creation, as an expression of inner purity and beauty, is based on an evaluation of the very impact of colors on the human psyche, on emotions, on perceptions and ideas about life. The massive and perpetual infiltration of emotion across the entire surface of a painting necessarily requires a happy combination of features between the creator and his creation, based on the principle of color separation in small touches that release from the landscape of the work the technical or thematic restrictions.

My style is unmistakable, is it not?

The value of a creation is given by the image you keep in mind of a reality that does not promise you an interactive experience and a memorable event, until you take the risk of being part of its plasticity.

The Red Of A Rose Lost In The World Of Art is the color from which you extract all the information necessary for expression in terms of “landmarks of interpretation of a free reality”, that is, nature appearing as an independent in a specially created artistic environment to give the vision a deep empathy, a sensation of sensuality, a new perspective of beauty.


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