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A Reliable Help

On January 31, 2009, in Leadership-Y5-SuperZoom, by Neculai Fantanaru

Discover your teammate qualities in terms of how you are perceived by others.

Have you read the story of the Wright Brothers? On the night of October 2nd, 1902, Orville, who couldn’t sleep thinking of the failure of the first flying prototype, was crushed by a single question: "What if you were to build a vertical tail instead of a fixed tail? Combining the movements of the tail with those of the front rudder, maybe the glider would no longer threaten to fall head first…"

The next day, Wilbur, learning of his brother’s idea, thought for a moment, then said:

Orville, I think you’re right. Let’s try it !

Two days later, the Wrights flew with a glider that was much easier to handle.

The value that you assign to a "work of art" demonstrates the perfect synchronization of the reaction between what makes you feel the calling of a being superior to you and what seems to you to be impossible to achieve.

It is not a disaster if you did not manage to finish your duties after a hard working day. However, if this happens frequently, then you certainly need some help. You will never obtain great results in a short time if you do not find a reliable support to continue the hard work you started on your own.

Team work will allow you to create the things you cannot create on your own. I bet you know plenty of people who failed in their own business or in their appointed jobs, trying to do everything on their own. In a certain way without a loyal, powerful and motivated team, in a long term you will not be able to finish what you have proposed to yourself.

I suggested at one point that we are witnessing a shift from the "collection" of good practices to the "collection" of experiences, which forms a complete leader: the experience of interacting with one’s peers, the experience of inner voice and the experience of transformation.

Leadership acquires a dominating position by a subtle reflection of reality, mirrored in the way we use that experience, but also by measuring the stability of connections we create between ourselves and others. So we are going, I think, towards what I call "experimental" art, that art of discovering our qualities in terms of how we are perceived by others – teammate or opponent. If this hypothesis is correct, it also implies other major changes.

Leadership: Can you give a "RETURN TO A NEW ENDING" value to an opportunity, that you had or plan on having, by expanding the field of consciousness on what is missing from an ensemble?

At a rugby game the player hits the ball and initiates the attack by passing the ball to another teammate. On his turn, the player passes the ball to another player while he is running towards the finish line. And so on, by passing the ball from hand to hand, slowly, slowly, the players advance.

Just like in a rugby game your career cannot advance by itself. Certainly, you will need a loyal team who can support you permanently in the activities you display. And in order for you to achieve your goals in time you have to pass to your team members the duties that you cannot do by yourself. It does not matter how talented you are, certainly, you could not fulfil some projects if you do not ask other people's help. This is the reality. Some tasks can be done only through the combined effort of more people.

It will come a moment when you will have to make a difficult choice: to act on your own or to appeal to the help of other persons. I warn you that your choice will follow you for the rest of your life, both for better and for worse.

Are you ready to stoically confront the challenges on your own? Think well before taking the road.

Living with the clear consciousness of the value of a certain "work of art" means enjoying an autonomy that is content with a work whose form of use is decided by someone who defies the definition of what "impossible to accomplish" means.

A Reliable Help is the luck that watches over you at every step, through an idea, a suggestion, or a referral, guiding you towards completing a work that few believed in, a work in which sometimes you do not get any thanks, but it brings you all that your eyes dream or all that your heart desires.

You are endowed with the property of being perceived as a "brother" of great value that defies the definition of what "impossible to accomplish" means.

* Note: Drumeş, Mihail - Stories about conquerors, Publishing House Ion Creangă, 1989.


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