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The Old And The New From The Extended Area Of The Scientific Region

On July 13, 2014, in Leadership Expert, by Neculai Fantanaru

Ensure the perfect, harmonious continuity of creation and thought so that the results of your science qualify you as a "high performer" in the field of leadership.

Things seem more complicated at first glance, effort is required to follow them through if we are ever going to understand the mind of Eisenstein. The more so as the importance of this film is significant in the artist’s creation. It is a turning point. For the first time, research in the field of color appears within his creative concerns. The harmonic montage also contains color as a "harmonic resonator". Secondly, with all his inherent failures of an experiment, "the Old and the New" is the culmination of a suite of works and theoretical reductions, it is the climax of the film that’s been practiced and researched thoroughly by Eisenstein on an aesthetic approach.

The perfect, harmonious continuity of his creation and thinking reaches, through this film, sonic cinematography, the next step being his famous vertical montage, audio-visual, whose premise exists ever since "Potemkin". Besides, during his work on "the Old and the New", in the summer of 1928, Eisenstein writes his famous manifesto that to this day lays as the basis of the aesthetic of film with sound, in which he outlines the idea of the orchestral counterpoint between visual and auditory image. And still working on "the Old and the New", he projects sound for this film, which was never done ever afterwards. In this era, Eisenstein sees the future of cinematography only in the film with sound.*

Leadership: Can you penetrate the space of advanced knowledge, realistically setting the limits of exposure to the improvement of scientific performance?

Leadership enters the space of advanced knowledge, supporting an extremely exciting combinatorial power of creation and reception of new discoveries – in which interest, imagination, experience, the theoretical preferences of the researched, competed for the achievement of an innovative approach, and of content, facilitating the coordination of new systems and thought processes.

In the narrow meaning of the concept of leadership, the crowning of a suite of creations, theoretical and practical alternatives, does not only have an effect of valorization and promotion of a thinking generating of new principles and accents. But rather also implies a certain dose of exaggeration of the patterns of thought, through which man awards himself with a high quota of profitability by changing the laws of constructivism in science. Therefore, that perfect, harmonious continuity of creation and thought becomes an experience of dominating science, which offers a superior quality to practical training.

Penetrating into the space of advanced knowledge, realistically setting your exposure limits to improving scientific performance, first means to re-evaluate the importance with which you encounter and approach creation from the perspective of its spheres of transfiguration of the world and reality in the artistic plane. It also means to assign to your ideas that excitement of your own creative experience, imagining that others feel the same emotion.

Leadership: Can you assume the "inaccessible" for yourself by good management of your quality of an author of scientific innovations, without changing the continuity that the functioning of creation gives in a new form?

Inaccessible is but a wealth of science that is yours and yours alone and you keep it without sharing it with others. Not for nothing is said that the inaccessible is invariably seductive because he expose only the image of creation, not its act or its rationality. Authorship of scientific innovations can offer the right to highlighting and promoting within professional ranks, beyond high skill in the field, if the inaccessible creates the premises for an ample extension of access privileges to a superior level.

And authorship of scientific innovations never bows to an authority of a restrictive order that doesn’t promote an orientation in practice and a certain direction of expression. And in order to ensure perfect, harmonious continuity of creation and thought, so the results of your science can qualify you as a "high performer" within the field of leadership, you must attach yourself to this quality and frequently introduce it in any context of professional mobility.

This quality oscillates between two constants. The first is given by the scientific benefit obtained following the realization of a process of distillation of structural elements that continuously open new possibilities of creation, to obtain a leadership-product with superior qualities. The second depends on the needs the individual feels in terms of approaching a subject of research falling under the promoted thematic area, but that is insufficiently studied in all its aspects because of its vastness.

The continuity given by the creation’s functioning in a new form is given by the curiosity with which you penetrate in a world, you change the coordinates of reality and assure a solid structure to directly characterize your perspective over a captivating show called "life" – regarded as an alternative approach to the promotion of art centered on the visual image.

The Old And The New From The Extended Area Of The Scientific Region are two opposite poles that attract or repel depending on the quality of the "material" utilized for the construction of new systems of thought that science can accept as alternatives of reinventing leadership style.

Science is a product where directorial creativity and originality combines with innovation and technology to create a work with a decisive impact on the development of art to re-create reality.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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