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The Truth Under The Shield Of Confession

On May 17, 2012
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Leadership Plus by Neculai Fantanaru

Observe and judge yourself from the distance of the one who largely understood the natural limits of the leadership.

The movie "Meet Joe Black (1998)". Susan was standing in front of her father, the great businessman Bill Parrish, great and by the fact that he loved her more than anyone else. She confessed with the human eagerness that won the great struggle with the present, and whose future resonates perfectly with her thoughts:

- Love, passion, obsession ... All those things you've told me to wait for. Well, they have become reality. I fell in love with Joe, as it happened with you and Mom. I love him !

The senses, her soul, all these constitutive elements of the being truly subjected to the implacable forces of love, conferring it stability, reviving that inner impulse which lifted her in all respects, awakening her will - are suddenly disturbed. For, surprisingly, her father, shocked by the confession that was shared with him, launches the powerful wave of anger, pushes it further until this wave sweeps what it remained and insisting as a residue of their past. As if the link between the two of them would be broken, Bill raised the tone for the first time so brutally:

- I do not care if you love him ! I tell you ... Joe is not good for you !

Looking at him with her eyes full of sadness, like a helpless person who lost in an instant the meaning of her life, feeling like constricted, strangled all those emotions that give beauty to life, which tempt the human heart, heating her blood and making her whole being to boil, Susan finds herself constrained to end the conversation:

- Sure, Dad. I'm sorry.

Her heart, ravaged, naked of all bliss, comprised undoubtedly the words that once, Marquise de Brinvilliers had addressed to her only friend, shortly before ascending the scaffold: "Are you the master of all my feelings until the time of my death?"

Leadership: Do you seek to experience a transformation of the type "Return to your true nature", insisting on the truth that hides behind the constraints of using what is above you?

Not being effective in the area predominantly human that develops your leadership it means not finding the most effective ways of expressing your empathy, or ignoring all those ideals, feelings, values, beliefs that do not match your reality, and the standards of your own Ego. All these are an infallible indicator regarding your form and style of relating, is also an indicator of the way you approach, or move away from what confers you value.

The power of a leader lies in the ability to keep simultaneously in his mind and soul the two opposite elements, but equal in force: love and hate; understanding and misunderstanding the outside world. It comes from within, from his own perception on the basic elements that feeds their existence based on the constraints of a world where he do not have the full control and can not say No to anything.

The leader aiming for perfection through his special qualities, by his power to support the development and strengthening the human relations, has incorporated in his structure the mechanism of analysis of his own values, passions, beliefs, to which he subordinates his own existence. He holds the tough and sensitive lever of the human development, by means of which he can overcome the most difficult crisis of personality. And due to which he can ease, remove the negative and unstable events, uncharacteristic to his own Ego.

Above what represents you as a grandiose version of your own self must be the generosity of giving yourself the trust in the aspirations and dreams of those willing to experience a spiritual journey that is responsible for the growth of sensitivity to life values.

Leadership: Are you ready to experience a meeting with yourself from the perspective of abandoning the claim of knowing everything directly and controlling everything?

To reject any request, any form, any attempt of the people to get closer to you. Not being receptive to their way of being, not being perceived as confident, friendly and openly to their proposal of dialogue, means to reject a part of yourself. It means to reject any part of creation to which you have given birth, that leadership endowed with the most exquisite moral and emotional qualities.

While rejecting that part of yourself that ensures you a high contribution of healthy "nutrients" which prevent any departure from the principles and values that defines you, means nothing else than your sinking into the deep of the ocean and staying suddenly without oxygen.

To come out on the surface and to get a breath of fresh air, the warm air of the renewal of your own Ego. To change your whole empathic wardrobe - and to choose the one most beneficial for you, the one that contains a lot of understanding, mutual respect, lots of inner warmth, a wardrobe that would satisfy even the most rigorous demands. This shows that you are a special person that others can always rely on.

Leadership: Are you willing to give up your own righteousness and start heading towards the horizon of a primary understanding when you want to know everything about others?

However Susan, the woman terribly in love, subordinated to a strong inner impulse, passes openly to rebellion; gathers all the courage of her heart, feeds her spirit with the deepest wish, puts into service all her defense facilities against any "NO" of her father, and follows her heart. What does it matter his opinion, as long as her soul, desire and passion are at stake?

And only in the 12th hour, on her leaving, as if he remained alone in the world, Bill realizes about the made mistake. He confesses. Was it a deliberate or an unintentional mistake? He gravely asks himself, as a man determined to mark until the smallest detail all that he suffered, all that he died in himself, hardly striving not missing any detail, or lest to falsify in any way the reality.

The thing that constitutes the unity of the leadership is not its composition of values and virtues contained, but the masterfully way in which the leader, intended to prove its coefficient of nobility, manages them.

Leadership: Can you open new possibilities for changing your appreciation of a person’s qualities, through the correlations or convergences with values that make you feel fulfilled?

Just as in a novel the specific of the personages, their character, results from the special marks that the author observes, in the same way, the particular character traits of the leader, which impedes him from enjoying the good that he could provide to the others, regaining in this way his self-esteem, results from his own introspection.

With his vast experience, culture, with his vast panoply of principles, ideas, beliefs, which he should not betray, so on which the leader could rely on, such like the media institutions that should fulfill their mission, informing properly and objectively the public, he must fulfill his sublime mission to go beyond the frontier of knowledge.

He must transmit to people, powerfully supported, without neglecting the quality of relationships, the well-defined essence of his character - the proper vision that would spread an overwhelming energy, motivating the steps that they have to make, and giving a value to the journey of their life.

A meeting with yourself from the perspective of abandoning the claim of controlling everything is an approximation of the intensity with which you try to assume your destiny from the fullness of the Ego that constantly conveys your message: "Judge not every day after the fruits you reap, but after the seeds you plant."

The truth under the shield of confession highlights those beneficial feelings that being summarized give value to the existence of those that complies with your leadership. However, in the same time, and the reverse is true. While, in this case, the only one who has to endure is the leader.

Leadership implies and a permanent dialogue with you. You can know the truth within your Ego only when you confess to yourself. The leadership has in its composition a huge content of human feelings; it is not a purely technical system, with a software programmed into the laws of physics, mathematics and electronics, but has a strong load of human-specific elements.

Observe and judge yourself from the distance of the one who largely understood the natural limits of the leadership.

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