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The Tunnel Of Transition Towards The Shore Of Becoming

On August 13, 2012, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Complement your own way of being, for the mission of your leadership to reconcile with the "destiny" of your own functioning.

Sometimes, I realized with surprise that I moved away of the elements in which I believed. Everything seemed promiscuous as a temporary amnesia. I deviated from the route beneficial to my development, and I reached the mouth of the tunnel towards the cold darkness, disquieting, without any guidance. An overwhelming and depressing darkness that blocked my self-knowledge, disconnecting me from the reality of the world, of nature, of the universe that I invented by myself.

I felt rustling inside me a lot of emotions, reasonings, calculations, beliefs, cold waters, high waves, which sometimes agree, other times were contradictory. I was led by what was dictating my critical conscience, not of the pure reason that prevails. I depended on something imaginary. And misleading. I fluctuated from one state to another, trying to gratify the part of me that does not act normally, temporarily losing its meaning. As if a black spot would be smeared all that was beautiful in me, almost completely altering my mental and moral structure.

The universe of my own knowledge, the revealing material of my inspiration, the most comprehensive form of expressing my Ego, absorbed with a force that drew without possible escape any differences, any lightly snowing of thoughts, any trace of energy, any bit of understanding, ordering with the precision of a Swiss watch the abrupt cessation of my creative and stimulating existence. Did I perceive things in their true light?

Internalization is that tendency of reason that is explained by the fact that you are trying to explain your world and formulate it by virtue of your own experiences and anchoring in an imagination-based reality.

I managed to get out of the "tunnel". What actually happened? Just like a character of John Fowles, I had lived the dislocation that you feel after a long trip, when everything, even the most familiar landscapes seem unreal. As if the greatest part of me would still be there from where I left. I marked the time in a mental fixation that poisoned all that loved, all that was positive in me.

The more I progressed in the research of leadership science, I also discovered my deficiencies. It was not too clear for me from where descended the fog that surrounded me so decisively, and that only a moment of lucidity has managed to dispel it. The fact is that something new, uplifting, reflected inside me. Something that created a contrast with the one who I was, who transformed me ... which strengthened...and supported me ... kept in compliance with myself and with what I wanted to become.

I paid the extremely expensive policy to make sure against a depreciation of my Ego. It was a part of the whole, a difficult stage of self-discovery, a result of a transformation process that brought me face to face with myself. I passed halfway towards the potentiation of my development and becoming, as a man who competes with himself in order to evolve and grow in adverse circumstances.

What tended to characterize me that time was a continuation of my ageing process, a complement of my own way of being.

Leadership: Are you sensitive enough to perceive your inner position in a "journal" fragment, beyond the boundaries of a reality understood as an exposition of reason to look beyond the meanings of words?

Your art of leading will be ready to reconcile with the "destiny" of your own functioning, only when expressing your Ego will be felt around you. To look beyond the meaning of the words you express in a diary of memories, with references to other works, to other worlds and other characters, is to capture what you thought could come out extremely sensitive, fascinating, relevant to describe your expression of strength and creativity with which you are endowed.

To every aspirant for a leadership position shall be assigned the responsibility for the concrete forms of configuring its expression of "force". A vivid form of expression of feelings and experiences, translated into a journal, cannot be produced by itself. First, you need to improve the relationship with that part of you that always knew you could be more than you are by referring to other realities and structures of thought that give you both the form (the way of argumentation, the exposure of certain points of view) and general content (fundamental ideas).

If you mark the time in a mental fixation that poisons all that you love, all that is positive to yourself, just as it happens to all people with high aspirations, which are subjected to the tortures of change, you will not be able to perceive things in their true light, you will not be able to pass the halfway towards the potentiation of your development and your becoming.

Leadership: Is the meaning of the words that support you in creating a unique reality found between "secretly reconciliating with the world" and values of the type "living testimony of the way you approach subtlety in observation"?

The index of full maturity and the vital-stimulating function of art to create new forms of impact is determined by the result of a process of transforming the forms of communication of feelings and thoughts that bring you face to face with yourself.

To depend, or to focus on that part of yourself that has lost its "meaning" is like setting a very high price on a certain type of product that is not sold. Like that vendor of high quality Persian carpets that set such a high price on them so that no one could afford them.

The living testimony of how you approach subtlety in observation is obtained by transforming the virtual into reality, in words that define an individual discovery, as fascinating as a life experience can be. Everything depends on the Ego you’ve created from the combination of thoughts and experiences, which do not lose their meaning along with the sacrifice to practice called "artistic expression".

A secret reconciliation with the world becomes a dialogue with the ideas that others have about you, without fighting them, but giving them an interpretation from the point of view of your own values and life experiences.

The tunnel of transition towards the shore of becoming is the crucial step that you will make towards understanding, towards opening your own Ego. It marks the responsibility that you assume for the concrete forms of configuring your future, respectively of your Ego based on the experience of transition from one state to another.

In what moments you compete with yourself in order to evolve and grow in adverse "circumstances"? Do you perceive the reality that defines you in its true light? Have you managed to get out of the overwhelming "tunnel" that blocks your self-knowledge? Or the most part of you stayed there from where you cannot advance? Do you depend on something imaginary and misleading?

Conclusion: The watershed moments in the life of a leader, when it may occur a destabilization of his own Ego, can be the more frequent as the perfection process of the art of leading is incomplete.

It is up to him if he wants to perfect this art.

Complement your own way of being, for the mission of your leadership to reconcile with the "destiny" of your own functioning.


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