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Voice Of Infinite Silence

On July 06, 2010, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Compete with yourself, before trying to change the influence of others in your own interest.

Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, gave his full confidence to Zedekiah, the eleventh King of Israel, making him the shepherd of his people on the land of Israel, but he betrayed him, secretly conspiring with the Egyptians, who in the days of old, held in slavery the people of Israel. King Zedekiah's greatest desire was to take back his lands, and to free his people from the yoke of Babylon. Despite the fact that his prophet warned him many times not to start the war against Nebuchadnezzar, but to ask him mercy for his mistake, Zedekiah remained faithful to his decision.

Nevertheless, fate was way too cruel with Zedekiah. His entire army was destroyed, and he, along with his three sons, Eliel, Achish and Amasai, were caught and put in chains.

Brought before Nebuchadnezzar, Zedekiah knelt down with his face to the ground, and begged him to spare the lives of his innocent sons, with the cost of his own life. However, Nebuchadnezzar showed no mercy. He killed cold-blooded the three boys, and Zedekiah, who was forced to witness at their torture, ordered to be pull out his eyes.

This was the price he had to pay because he yielded to the temptation of trying to change the influence of Nebuchadnezzar in his own interest. Based on the trust that Nebuchadnezzar granted to him, Zedekiah tried a hazardous, bodacious movement, which would have surprised and beat him. However, he has not well weighed the value of his actions, could not hold in his tendencies to infidelity, to blur the effect of the adverse reactions that could arise.

Leadership: What dimension of your personality are you willing to show the world in case of a failure?

There’s no point in having a vision based on a form of human knowledge derived from experience if you are a man of half measures, a man of excesses easily overcome by the urge to satisfy his ambitions, ignoring the limits imposed by his developers and promoters.

One direction you can insist upon is that of self-responsibility. Without ignoring what you are, remind yourself that the first constant of your reference model to a particular purpose is that dilemma: the choice – "Whose side are you?".

Thanks to a great action of reorganization of the personal promotion criteria, as well as of facilities for manifesting the coordinating capacities that allow you to carry out actions for your own interest or that of a third party, you risk having to admit yourself defeated by the very limits of your inability of bearing a responsibility that overlaps your contributions to the success of others.

The size of your personality is of the "accessory" type when the final reply to the tolerability given to you by a trusted partner itself becomes the very outcome.

This evolution towards the art of power, seen as a privilege or a pain, is a more comprehensive reality, of which the need to launch yourself into a personal challenge is only a small part, a sample of a thinking and a set of values that bring out what hides inside you.

What will be the nature of this new future task to yourself, for the good or the suffering of those who follow you is, of course, very difficult to say. But it certainly considers, as an initiation exercise of acquiring a new and independent identity, that dimension of personality that you are willing to show the world, even if you suffer a rejection or a miserable failure, that delirious loneliness of the self that twists around the axis of existential emptiness, unable to make sense of life.

The sad voice of the heart. What could a person feel in such a cruel and terrifying moment of his life - to assist in the execution of his sons? Bitterness? Regret?

A voice of infinite sadness and full of sorrow, springing from the depths of his soul, urged Zedekiah to suicide. The inner voice of his heart kept saying more and more intensely he no longer had a reason to live for. A silent and terrifying fight was unrolling inside his being. He felt like he was locked in an invisible prison, of which he could not escape from, but where he could only endure the burden of suffering and mental torture.

Leadership: Do you have the power to relive various life experiences through which you have experienced by stopping the reactions you have in the face of a contradictory reality?

The last bridge which still led to life, his last link with all of his feelings, all of his dreams, was destroyed. Nobody possessed a heart of exchange that would assuage his pain, which would put away his sadness, and would chase from his soul that bitter taste of disappointment in such a tragic moment. Not even a king.

A contradictory reality is an illusion on which we like to imagine we are feeding without being seen, which we call: "the reduction of the awareness of a change by making background moves."

The perfect silence surrounded Zedekiah like a soft and hard cloak, his tears flowed freely. No voice, he could not utter a single word, so great was his pain. All his hopes of life were shattered. He had no energy and motivation to live.

The road to the world of darkness. Zedekia’s eyes have been pulled out, then he was enchained in bronze chains and taken to Babylon. This new torment, this humiliation was to be spread everywhere in the whole wide world. With no difficulty, no fate, condemned to solitude, he could only endure his life in darkness.

Even so, the real agony he had to endure was the voice of his last child, from the moment of his death, which will always resonate in his memory. Whatever would happen with him since then before, nothing will torment him more than that tortured voice of his son.

When someone transfers you a dominant position, do you try to bring to your attention images of yourself with situations in which you have felt valuable through the legitimacy of that position or through its abuse?

Conclusion: In leadership, you sometimes step on quicksand. Therefore, in unforeseen situations, you must calculate well your steps and cautiously choose the path, which would allow you overcoming the future obstacles and achieving the proposed objectives. Because any step that you make could have the opposite effects of the expected ones.

Compete with yourself, before trying to change the influence of others in your own interest. That is to analyze your leadership potential in all respects, better assess your skills and limits without overestimating your ability to change others through games, intrigues and conspiracy, by making use of the power with which you have been invested by them. Are you a reliable man?

Weigh well the value of your actions in order to blur the effect of the adverse reactions that may arise from those who have placed their trust in you.

* Note: Valerio Massimo Manfredi - Pharaoh Of The Sands, Editura Allfa, 2004.


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