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Back In Time To The Very Beginning

On September 01, 2013, in Leadership X3-Silver, by Neculai Fantanaru

Define your existence according to the beliefs that motivate you to go forward, without anchoring yourself in the shadow of what you've been.

"Clarice Starling was tormented, devastated against her will. Some of the things Lecter had said about her were true, other were just apparently true. For some seconds she felt as if a totally foreign conscience was walking randomly in her brain, pushing off the things off the shelves, as a bear in a tent camp."

It was obvious that in her mind, aspects of her life were retraced till the very beginning, towards a precise target, toward a deep secret. That could have been disclosed only by the shadow of what she was, under the action of the continuous traction force of conscience, activated and configured in real stress, pressure and uncertainty conditions. The consequence was in the end inacceptance. The movement of the entire repair and control mechanism that would replace the old thought structure and the polluting compromising that had badly affected her development.

The force of change, well-supported by her convictions and aspirations automatically took over the energy recovered by breaking, by stopping any external interventions. But also by gradually eliminating the inner voice that acted in a deafening manner over her morale, with a disappointing effect. Hannibal Lecter had made it clear that her weak nature would not be able to cope with the situation, or at least that’s what she imagined under the aspect of a sad conception of life, of the world, of her pursuit in an endless and inescapable police game.

Leadership: Does your willingness to break away from everything you want to leave behind give you the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of an identity not faked by the doubtful relevance of the profession you practice?

Clarice feels the satisfaction of an identity unconcerned with the doubtful relevance of the profession she practices; she feels that she is able to cross that mountain of prejudice that calls for a conformism to the social conventions, but consumes herself in the passive contemplation of her mental states of pain she cannot detach herself of. The influence of Hannibal Lecter overthrows the order of things, it is like a shadow that follows you for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to reward your professional achievements in the context of an influence that joins regular events?

The power to restore trust and safety in the self was given by the reaction past-future, the present being a rather doubtful moment at that time. While the potential energy of the focalization point towards a different existential area, towards results and performance, extended around a central pillar of well-maintained objectives in the consecutive positive force field grew in quantity during the difficult moments of wandering.

A strenuous influence that joins regular events is the book of an exemplary hero’s tale that appears in the possible summary of a destiny unfulfilled by the glory promised by the success of life.

Everything was reduced to the chance of running far away, of escaping in the inferno of the noise torrent within the mind’s darkness. The sound of the lambs screaming in her mind. She wanted to be strong. She wanted to strengthen the control over her hidden skills. She wanted to earn her freedom, to get himself further away from the ground zero of restlessness, to get away from the painful punishment of the sin of submission to her own essential, sensitive and useless nature.

But exactly this disturbing limitation determined the innocent being, coerced from the early stages to the effects of internal forces, to rethink her options. There was no landmark, no clue, only one step to make. Grounded. As if an experiment meant to test her orientation were performed on her. And she could hold bravely against this experiment.

Her resistance force acted promptly over the control surface where the mind’s duels were held regularly, printing an acceleration of its movement forward towards a horizon filled with light, enlarged by thought and action.

Leadership: Do you measure the doubtful value you give yourself to the status of “defender of an exceptional destiny” through an energy consumed in the reflections that is, however, lost for action?

Clarice stays in an act of deep thought that stagnates her soul even harder, numbs her desire to get involved in the shaping of a different future.

We can currently talk about an active leadership from the point of view of objective factors when determining deadlines to eliminate "the passive" or to grow "the active" within an individual’s existence, those precise requests to load with too much confusion or uncertainty are not based on the guarantee offered by the ideals he relates or aspires to.

Just as the blame always needs a punishment, a crisis solution always requires an active and strictly realistic position of the individual, especially if its comparison to the ideals he’s looking to fulfill assumes, sometimes, darker and colder tones. Namely, when he is tormented, devastated against his will and cannot eliminate everything that is apparent from the truth.

The importance that you attach to the events of life feeds from the situation in which there are transformations of an identity that adjoin the predisposition towards extreme gestures and behavioral unpredictability.

Thus, we get to the divisibility conditions of leadership, introduced in what is essentially a transition process whose result is materialized in the development or regression of the individual. We’re talking about a particular case of dividing the individual’s personality between two equal parts in effect and meaning: weakening morale and the power to rehabilitate trust, given by the relationship past-future, the present being a rather doubtful moment at that time.

Clarice almost reached a breaking point, she was on the verge of a demonic wandering called madness, because she didn’t feel strong enough to change the rules of an intense psychological game led by Hannibal. Practically, she fully abandoned herself in the paradise of a scholarly thinking that far surpassed her understanding, and became dependent on this slippery but exciting route at the same time. In parallel with the reality of "wandering" in light of which man tries to usually formulate alternatives and to analyze his action directions, surfaces the problem of a leadership reduced to a psychological unit.

Before leading, re-balance your personality, reduce or eliminate those tension symptoms or anxieties that lead to the collapse of your operational system. Do everything in your power to get away from the action of the continuous traction force of conscience, activated and configured in real stress, pressure and uncertainty conditions.

The will to break away from everything behind you and to embrace the unknown of advanced thinking involves rebuilding your system of values by which you follow the rule: “Everyone has the right to a judge”.

Values such as honesty, integrity, respect, generosity, compassion, engagement, proactivity, diligence, can save you from difficult circumstances, but at the same time, you can condemn yourself to a wandering in the darkness of an uncertain life.

Back In Time To The Very Beginning highlights this retrospective study you need to take in order to evaluate your abilities, especially your future. The ratio between memories and dreams must be as close as possible to value 1, which means you have evolved in accordance with the objectives you have set at different times in life. If the value is higher than 1, it means you have come to a standstill and you were satisfied only with memories. And if the value is under 1, it means you’ve outdone yourself.

The result of this report influences and expresses all the benefits of every nature, including the materials ones you may have obtained because of your work, perseverance and abilities.

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991) (Thomas Harris)


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