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Misty Destiny Of Abandoned Souls

On July 12, 2011, in Leadership-Y5-SuperZoom, by Neculai Fantanaru

Open the gate that gives you permanent access to the respect and esteem of people, without betraying your guiding principles of leadership.

- Hank, we'll be millionaires ! said in one voice the workers that were near the oil probe. Come on, Hank you must give us the right to make our own decisions.

Knowing the situation in which there were, hours worth as days, and that he cannot tarry decisions by long and endless discussions, Hank Anderson, drilling foreman, team responsible, answered them on a definite tone:

- Take your things and get ready for starting in half an hour. That volcano may erupt at any time. It's too dangerous to remain here, with or without oil.

Throwing him looks full of the deepest contempt, the workers asked for the right to decide for themselves, citing serious reasons to stay there and continue to work.

Leadership: Do you arm yourself with the obligation to respect a condition that defines you as a mediator of destinies, which you must firmly impose when your loyalty to your principles is tested?

Have you seen the movie "When Time Ran Out (1980)"? You remember what Hank has done in this situation? He accepted. Exactly. He agreed and gave them the right to decide on the continuation of their work, irrespective of his views. He allowed to himself to violate his principles by which a leader guide all his decisions and actions, and allowed to abdicate from the solid model of leadership that he has adopted so far. Instead taking advantage of the authority he had and to take action to restrain any hint of resistance from members of his team, Hank has supported indirectly their intention by accepting them to carry out further their activity.

What was the result of Hank's decision? All workers have died after volcano eruption. It is about your attitude towards life, which defines you as a man and not the bad or good things that happen to you. This is the horoscope of the destiny you are going through in a top of events: it calculates the number of victims you represent depending on the side of your conditioning that pulls you down.

I would say, with disappointment, that Hank was indirectly responsible for their death. For almost forgetting them, disregarding in this way his leading role. When you have a responsibility, and you do not assume it, when depends on you the fate of some people, and you do not make the best decisions in their favor, then surely you are the only responsible for what happens. Their whole range of beliefs and desires do not justify your deviation from the obligations that accrue to you by the nature of your function. Betraying your own principles for human desires has no excuse.

The conditioning imposed upon you by the profound note of events, to prove that you are right in what you claim, can be viewed from the point of view of the memory you call upon when you can no longer accept reconciliation with yourself. You feel overwhelmed by what has happened to you, you are limited in expanding your pure consciousness and in the actions you can take. Therefore, the fundamental capacity that plays a vital role in social, emotional and cognitive functioning is a consequence of conditionality the determinism with which you are endowed.

Leadership: Are you willing to pay the amounts secured by the seal of fate if the event you announced was due to a "return to first person" variable that you are not prepared to declare null?

Do you turn in your weapons that make you a true leader? You let people to do what they want? You let them decide for you? When do you have to accept their conditions? And when must they accept your terms?

Leadership is not feasible from cheap "materials", is not made with technologies able to determine the cost reduction of the prodotto finito, given by building up an attitude of acceptance and providing equal opportunities in life. The aspiration to generate a strong impact is incompatible with the idea of you closing in an ivory tower, where you think you are the only one able to face a whole new reality, where no one can be trusted, and people’s fate depends only on their ability to refocus.

Once you give up to the will of your team members, once you put your feelings before reason, once you accept without reservation their requirements and requests - from that moment you cannot be considered a leader. You lost your power of influence. For, indirectly you recognize your inability to impose yourself in front of them, indirectly you disarm your weapons and capitulate.

You can be sure that people will be inclined here before to break all your decisions, will not ever comply and will not follow instructions from you, they will never give you the same obedience because you have allowed them to find your weak spot.

A gate can be opened in front of you, but also can close behind you. If you accept the capitulation, the gate that offered you permanent access to people's esteem and respect will close, and you could not ever open it. Do everything possible to rein people's toughness by enrooting in their minds and hearts your undoubted intentions to act in their favor.

It can be said that leadership contains a "return to first person" variable that you are not prepared to declare null, especially when the consequences of events are irreparable and you are the only one able to decide how you want your life and that of others to be.

Returning to first person means to assume that you are not a superhero who can do anything, anytime, to any extent, in any way, even if there is something in you that motivates you to make a big step that exists to complete a complex project written in letters of fire: "destiny".

The Misty Destiny Of Abandoned Soul indicates the signal announcing the end of your career, when people had lost and suffered because of you. It designates the hardest moment of your life - when your true defects emerge, when your leadership qualities are challenged, when you have deviated from the base path of leadership and fell to the lowest level of confidence, when you are guilty of the lack of assuming responsibilities.

Just as a well-chosen suit shows off different qualities of the wearer - so a very good decision capacity, combined with a responsible attitude, highlight a strong character. As a leader, your character will always be tested, and depending on how you "manage" the power of decision, you will bear the consequences.


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