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The True Value Of Leadership

On October 24, 2010, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Go forward on the path towards excellence, triggering the whole instinct of your genius and the whole impetus of your heart.

The master was a brilliant man. He had no inclination to exact sciences and mathematics. They were like foreign languages that he could not understand, no matter how much he would have struggled to learn them. Hence, he was a scholar, a man who has mastered a way of thinking much different from those of other people, a generating way of thinking, in essence of new ideas, connections, analogies, comparisons, symbols and different interpretations. He was a consummate artist, who always aspired to perfection. He was a great man who imposed his own talent through his own forces, efforts, unbroken determination and exemplary dedication to painting.

One day, I came to talk with him and to admire his works. He created a unique style of painting, using, with a poetic ingenuity, the most important elements of the technique in water color. Obviously, he was gifted with that original imagination, able to invent the most intense effects. I was standing next to him with humility, in an attitude full of respect and understanding. Lifting his eyes towards me and showing me a hurried smile, the master spoke with the same good faith with which he often talked to me about his paintings:

- Nicu, artists catch the best the mysteries of their fellows, but sometimes not even they are aware of it. A painter, a portraitist puts on canvas in daylight all the hidden places of the human soul. He gives voice to reality through his work.

Leadership: Do your disclosures fulfill the essential condition of intellectual and artistic creation?

A true leader expresses his vision in everything that means „a complex approach of the creation activity", inoculating within the competent people the feeling of belonging and cohesion to an ideal that measures its dimension through the force of evidence itself.

The relatively extended requests and virtues emissions that the ideal generates, are influenced by the depth nuances of the being that objectively perceives the reality around, dominating all the righteous significances. Someone pointed out on the web: "Using a piece that contains a portret needs the consent of the person represented by this portrait."

An argument in favour of this hipothesis, shifting our attention towards the individualisation wish of the creator, but first and foremost towards a guarantee of our taste for sensibility, is the patience to discover the beauty that struggles between reception and interpreting.

Leadership is the prerogative of an often rebel intelectuality, that changes reality, experimenting everything new and interesting; an intelectuality that analyses the surroundings objectively and chooses everything that would lead towards shaping a dynamic and constructive vision.

The truth, that the disclosures of creation bring to light, is the fact that cultural and intellectual production submits the creator to a continous pressure in order to deliver new meanings of expression with the value of an example. It is a truth that conforts through the depth displayed by the process of thinking that leads to acknowledging the definite values, but at the same time, it suffocates through a more than necessary closeness to an alternate pattern of ups and downs of the willingness to understand the Self.

Leadership: Can you show an inexhaustible force of suggestion by updating the image of your concrete involvement in the dynamics of an artistic path marked by a rare ideational coherence?

By his "work", which he is entitled to restore and to accomplish it freely, the leader expresses his reality, just as the great painters consciously or unconsciously express their entire universe through the masterpieces that they create.

The work of a leader sums up those sensations, perceptions, concepts, judgments and reasoning about the perceived reality, which help him manifest and express himself. A leader cannot turn his vision into reality if he does not trigger the whole instinct of his genius and the whole impetus of his heart.

Very confident in himself, penetrated by the feeling of a very personal dignity and value, he leads his strategies and guides his "creation" according to the values he believes in, so it would receive a higher meaning.

Leadership: Are you able to expand your boundaries of influence by creating value from the analysis of the fundamentals with which you argue the change of the concept of "receiving the work" that you feel solidary with?

Six hundreds years ago, when art was in high esteem, many dukes, kings and popes were ready to sell their crowns, scepters or tiaras only to be able to buy one of those beautiful gems or masterpieces coming out of the hands of masters.

A leader cannot impose himself in dealing with people, if the "work" that he has made it, is not wanted by anyone. In this case, he cannot be really called a "master" in leadership.

The reception of the work certifies a sense, not only the meaning of the work, but also the meaning of art in general, the meaning of its progress. Thus, the concept of "receiving of the work" fixes the correspondences between the meaning that allows for the movement of your recognition, through life experiences materialized in lines, forms, and shapes, and the expression of wonder and delight the viewer has when evaluating your work at its completion.

A true leader feels his mission, his invisible vocation, these are the only forces which he always give obedience. This is his nature and his destiny. However, he does not perceive with ease his debt to innermost of art. Aware that his true value is assessed according to his abilities, he puts all his forces in order to create a perfect work, able to fully capture people's attention and that would never lose its magic.

Once, a critic asked the great Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu what is the secret of his art. He replied: "No secret, dear sir ! I’m looking on work with my eyes, and I try to make it as I see it !"

As a leader you must undertake a journey full of complacency: the journey to your true value. Look at you with the eyes of your soul, then, shape your potential after your own beliefs, criteria and ideas. Seek to be as you see yourself. Give voice to reality through what you are, what you think, what you feel and what you want. Got you convinced that everything is based on leadership?

Being a result of artistic creation means experiencing a state of external acceptance by internalizing the balance, harmony, coherence supposed by the "beautiful" that your art reveals.

Conclusion: Leadership can be a masterpiece or just a barren activity. It may be a beneficial amount of activity for all, or may consist only in an amount of actions that are not in anybody's benefit. The leader, in turn, can be a true artist or a ham actor, an individual who has nothing in common with the art of leadership. It depends on all of us to find ways in order to recognize a true leader and to follow him, or to unmask and eliminate the "non-leader".


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