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Mr. Panaite's Hands

On May 19, 2010, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Assign to your leadership the property of balance, by ensuring a psychological compatibility between you and your "hands".

I could never forget the day when I met Mr. Panaite, a middle-aged doctor whose exalted pleasure of practicing the profession of a surgeon has brought him a great success. He was gifted with a bunch of qualities and brilliant merits. He has never failed in any surgery.

I talked to him for more than an hour, during which he shared with me some interesting things concerning the profession of a surgeon He pointed out, in this way, the importance of his "hands" so valuable for a surgeon during the surgery.

- Nicu, my job is wonderful, but full of risks. Every time I enter a surgery, a deadly fear torments me: lest my patient dies on the operating table. Furthermore, I am also justified to fear and of something else: lest the patient's family asks me moral damages, or worse, to prosecute me for negligence and irresponsibility. Only the simple thought that this might happen to me stirs an awful feeling in me. This feeling makes my head spinning with all kinds of thoughts, which can throw a weak man into a boundless despair. Surgery is a dangerous thing. Nicu, its success depends not only of the surgeon, but also of the hands of the entire team.

Leadership: Do you reconsider your position on the extent of the acute sense of failure through a comprehension of your feelings that reverberated into consciousness as a very obsessive thought?

Mr. Panaite explained to me very clearly:

- In case of a surgery intervention, the team that enters into the operation consists of several specialists, carefully selected by the "team leader", or as it said say in medical language, of "first hand". He first chooses a reliable aid, represented by the "second hand". Both surgeons must form a perfect tandem during the surgical intervention, and they are assisted; but they must also equally cooperate with the other team members: the anesthesiologist and the assistants from the operating room, each of them having very well-defined roles. Furthermore, everyone must show a very good self-control, and also a high capacity for rapid reaction.

- These teams, he said to me, are usually formed in time, after a long enough interpersonal acquaintanceship. A newcomer, a younger surgeon, is received only as a "third hand". Moreover, only after he proves that he can integrate into the team that he is compatible in terms of personality and, of course, for professionalism, he becomes the "second hand". The team's success, and therefore, the favorable resolution of the surgical case, depends on the perfect cooperation of the team, of the synchronization of its members, their professionalism, but also rely heavily on the psychological compatibility between them.

Leadership: Do you accept the recognition of a superiority that contradicts its essence through a manifestation of professional conduct that has value only if it penetrates widely in the consciousness and sense of those who assist you in obtaining the desired results?

A superiority that contradicts its essence is a means of personal affirmation that is not crossed by any beautiful story, which is equivalent to the fulfillment of a major obligation without having previously developed a certain conviction about the causes and proportions of unforeseen situations.

It is essential in leadership the balance, which is established according to specific criteria and circumstances, but also depending on your values and your comprehension, and of various aspects related to the stage of your evolution. If you manage to create that perfect balance with yourself and with the reliable people that assist you in the steps you make, between your psychological state and theirs at all levels, especially the relational, behavioral, intellectual, and of aptitude - then you can maintain that benefic balance for your leadership development.

The balance establishes a certain synchronization between the parties: you and your "hands"; it leads to a meeting of your minds that are merging, cooperating by forming a unitary whole, in this way, imprinting that harmony in the teamwork, which bears the mark of performance.

Furthermore, the performance is based on the mental acuity of each participant in the leadership development process – the way they relate one to another, the way they adjust their characteristics and personality traits, the way they are reconsidering their thinking of perceiving things in terms of others - constitutes the support capable for an improvement of the common performance.

Assign to your leadership the property of balance, by ensuring a psychological compatibility between you and your "hands". A leader without good "hands" cannot ensure the complete success of his attempts.

Leadership: Do you contribute to creating a self-portrayal that is sufficiently comprehensive and detailed to capture the relevant aspects of an assumed initiative, while being a projection of the trend of reconfiguring a memorable Brand Experience?

Creating a self-image always starts with what makes you precious (the success of a very important activity), but it can end with what seriously dishonors you (a hidden drama that no one knows).

A leader should not be alone in special circumstances. In any important step which he undertakes, he must have around him, as well as any surgeon, one or two "hands" of trust that would permanently assist him, and that would offer him all the necessary support. As a matter of fact, for which person, however professional he might be in a certain area, would not help him the presence of one, two or even more "hands" of trust, with a solid experience in the area?

The consequences can be extremely sad for the leader who tries to "operate" without being assisted by some precious "hands". Even if he has some prominent virtues and a rich experience, he will not succeed to do everything by himself. His success will depend almost always of someone else. To find one or two aids animated by the zeal to be helpful, but that at the same time to be handy, patient and also quick, it is a vital thing for your leadership.

All the failures of a leader are due to the lack of experience, but also to the lack of some good "hands" to assist and to help him when needed. Moreover, we must keep in mind and the fact that often are met cases when the leader is apparently backed by the skilful "hands" but that can cause him many problems.

A memorable Brand Experience is a weapon in the search of a self-absorbed mission that inspires a new approach to gain an appreciation effect, but which at any time may have the character of an unwanted adverse effect.

Mr. Panaite’s Hands are the help given to a corrective measure in an approach where the ethical dimension is doubled by the positive capitalization of learning from the experience of people superior to you.


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