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Not Everyone Can Be A Leader

On March 05, 2009, in Leadership-Y5-SuperZoom, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be ready to explore your true potential, by developing your ability of taking risks in the attempt to inculcate in others your spirit full of strength and greatness.

As long ago, a military battalion commander who received the mission to defend a town north of Spain to see put in a desperate situation when, suddenly, his army was attacked by a much larger enemy. Noticing the bitterness with which the enemy soldiers pounce upon them, the commander mounted, and ran without saying anything to anybody, leaving his soldiers to handle how they could in front of the enemy.

Soldiers have immediately noticed their absence and the master had no choice, had to choose a replacement, that another commander. Finally, even if they were fewer in number have won the battle thanks to their new commander.

Leadership: Can you assign an attribute to represent you in a defining way without recognizing your vulnerability in an extreme situation that is the demonstrative part of a science without experimentation?

Sometimes leadership is like a ball: we run after a high position, and even when we catch it, we are kicking it away, because we cannot control it. In leadership, just as in football, some leaders, once coming into possession of the "ball" either lose it immediately, or they pass it to others of fear not losing it, or they shoot it - and only very few are scoring.

Just as in football, the essential element constitutes the scoring of the goal which, by establishing the differences of score, is giving a winner and a loser - so the essential element of your talent to lead constitutes on long-term, your ability to recognize the change and attitude towards them.

When and how are you capitalizing your own leadership potential? In the most difficult moments, by transforming your attitude and thinking - from a possible loser into a winner confident in his victory.

Leadership: Can you value your personality by ensuring the link between the image you associate with the idea of ​​conflict and the limits of individual fulfillment associated with a self-image that corresponds to unexpected reactions?

Once you have been promoted into a management position you have to assume the role immediately, to deal with your new responsibilities and take measures if necessary to correct any problems, otherwise you risk being replaced. Indifference and the lack of responsibility are the two diseases that you need to avoid while you are in charge. If you don't constantly looking for ways to inspire trust to those who are under your command, if you are not by their side when they need you more, if you do not motivate and guide them towards a direction favorable to them, you will only draw their hate, anger and despise.

The leader's spirit gives other people strength. A talented leader has the capacity to train people in the direction he thinks, for accomplishing a common goal. To move the people first you have to win them on your side, to convince them that without your help they will not succeed in managing difficult situations.

You will never be able to win the respect, the admiration and loyalty of others if you are not capable of assuming the responsibility for solving the problems they are confronting and if you don't take the required measures in order to limit the problems. You cannot pretend that people do their job and to achieve their performance targets if you neglect your duties. And the most important obligation that you, as a leader, should assume is to inspire people to cultivate trust and desire to overcome themselves.

Leadership: Can you highlight the degree of association between the percentage of visibility growth and the degree of novelty of the outcome that makes you be yourself in as a profound way as possible?

When a leader is not serious and doesn't get involved directly in solving the problems, he is automatically changed from its job and another person is promoted. To lead a group of people is not a game; it's rather a burden, a very high duty that you must commit to. It is a professional and moral duty that you have to respect and to accomplish. It is your duty to be concerned about the people's future, their training and their motivation, guiding them in the right direction. On the other hand, if you become laissez- faire and run away from your new responsibilities, you will be labeled as "inappropriate."

It's a pity for the leader who has no courage, no will and no ambition, who doesn't get involved with all the responsibility in the problems and difficulties faced by those you lead. Such a person will not stay too much in the job he has. Power is held only by powerful leaders, who take a step forward in hard situations and know how to draw people after them.

The greatness of a man is measured by his attitude and his actions. Hence, be ready to explore your true potential, by developing your ability of taking risks in the attempt to inculcate in others your spirit full of strength and greatness.

The degree of novelty of the outcome that makes you be yourself in as a profound way as possible is given by the relationship between the perspective of how you manage your experience at a climax and the vision that inspires people’s efforts to attenuate the effects of major changes that tend to occur.


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