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The Student Must Go

On June 09, 2014, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Exercise your power to shape people around you, conforming yourself to the requirements of the superiority that you want to highlight.

Eisenstein followed master Meyerhold’s course for a long time. One day, when the student gave one of his tests, the teacher became sad. Eisenstein was scared, thinking that he responded poorly. But he received a note from Zenaida Reich, actress at Meyerhold’s theater and his assistant. He read the note a little bit surprised: "When the student is not only equal, but surpasses the teacher, he must go!"

Convinced that it was Meyerhold’s desire, Eisenstein left him. This rupture was painful for both of them. Eisenstein described it as a "trauma". Trying to explain the story later, when the wound healed long ago and they reconciled and became friends again, Eisenstein wrote about this break:

"I always find that, in relationship with his students and followers, he played again and again his own trauma caused by the rupture with his first teacher (by K.S. Stanislavski). And with those whom he rejected, he relived the bitterness that was eating him away. In the act of rejection, he became the tragic Father Rusten who defeated Zorab, as if looking for a justification and an addition to what he had committed in his own youth without having the malicious effusion of the "Father", but only giving way to the feeling of independence in creation of the too proud son." *

Leadership: Are you able to play a more important role in the lives of others, so that you can focus on what you have to accept from yourself?

Leadership cannot lead man through the meanders of his complexity if, first, he does not acquire scientific glory through an extended individual practice, an appropriate interaction with his own questions and answers, work experience, findings and representation of reality.

He who is always helped will never be able to impose himself against the toughest opponent: the power to surpass himself. And you can surpass yourself following your own example to train diligently, finding your own way to recharge from the overflow of energy flooding every bit of your being.

What you have to accept from yourself, moving away from the "master" who originally formed you, is the feeling of the effect of the attainment of a determined goal: the gain, the triumph of power, a new version of everything.

A leader is guided by the sense of purpose, not causality. He gathers the elements that make up the constitutive and harmonic parts of an initiatory journey and places them in a less wandered area – that of originality and expressivity in the interpretation of the assumed role.

Leadership is a custom creation, with a unique style, which does not appear in the gallery of "Wrongfully acquired styles" from others, but in the gallery "Discreetly and exquisitely acquired styles". Leadership develops and personalizes through a deep search of your own self, through your meaning and creative power, pointing in some way that absolute freedom of becoming the owner of the professional excellence space and of those who want to be part of it.

Can you sign a loan contract that does not specify the duration for which the loan is granted?

The professional straightening contract is always concluded with a rigorous, independent entity, namely with a master dedicated to your development and transformation, and he fulfills that condition of reciprocity, whereby the intellectual revenues, embedded in results to absorb the involvement and formation costs, charged in multiples stages, are transferred in order to hide the origin or ownership of an intellectual good.

Leadership is the equal of a meeting of two exceptional destinies, from which the winner comes out the one who can change the purpose of a creation in which its quintessence functions as proof of self-rediscovery.

The student must go designates that separation from the superior authority who exercised its power of influence on you, as a triggering factor of opening to a world increasingly sophisticated, a world of science to get rich through a good quality professional training and a knowledge above all knowledge, that of the self, by the idea of self-development and self-surpassing, putting to test your characteristics of researcher.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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