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Lead your people in a new direction, anchoring them to your art
On January 30, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

The most bizarre stage of my education has taken place through art, a release from the burdens of a too long adventure on the hallways of the unknown from the path of a life sprinkled with obstacles. It all started the day I met the great master, an intense motivation urging me to momentarily fixate the infinite of a hidden world from the original script of a universal creation called “Man”. After a few moments when he carefully looked at me, he guessed that I have talent, the skills and will so necessary to an artist.

To arouse my interest for art, he told me a complex story, very beautiful, full of metaphors - a lesson to look deep down in your soul, about an art-loving Florentine senior, named Angelo Doni, a great admirer of the famous painter Raphael Sanzio. That story touched my heart, showed me another side of art - one that requires imagination and flexibility. And in terms of visions, artistic metaphors, colors, the meanings of art and their ways to relate to a new reality, as even then I was an incorrigible dreamer (and still I am), I can say with pride that I did not lack at all, by contrary, they inspired me and urging me to dream on, and were brightening my horizons.

Leadership: Can you define yourself as an aesthetic reality in the apparent form of the result that you generate around yourself, provided you have the transparency of your own creative abilities that you can exploit through the wonder of giving them a certain palpability?

Although at first I was very suspicious of the way he will communicate with me because I was extremely energetic by nature, inspired only by the desire to be in moving, because of a lack of patience, the master still managed to approach me every day more and more. He managed to influence me by his power of intellectual penetration, with his so vast knowledge, inducing me a certain state of mind, a certain attitude, and a certain thought which could be easily controlled and directed. From my point of view creating this bridge of communication between us it was a milestone for both.

So I stepped on a new level of knowledge, I entered into a whirlwind of lessons that changed my whole view of art and life. A sort of reordering of the psychic material for a new purpose, a reduction of the vulnerability of being rejected or ignored by the world, a redefinition of my own cultural-artistic relevance, all of them imposed for the acquisition of a new technique of easel painting that brought together the austerity of drawing with the irradiating resources of graphics.

I was about to become an artist, to concretize myself in an act of palpable creation, as an indispensable component of the ideas that catch on, both through the horizon that opened to me and the assimilation of the artistic culture that people have in general trained. Thus, to further increase my creative potential through drawing and painting. And to fully explore my own personality to allow myself a worthy development.

Leadership: Can you anchor people to your art through the essence of your artistic manifestation that portrays you as an aesthetic representation both through your beliefs and intellectual qualities, as well as through their durable substrate?

Someone said on the internet: “Through his paintings, the painter transmits the sine qua non condition of his artistic manifestation, those spiritual states superbly expressed in painting for which, in order to define them, synonyms such as reverie, dream, meditation must be mentioned, but also those sensibly close to them: illusion, chimera, aspiration, desire.”

Artistic activity must represent permanence and the profile of your current concerns, as a result of a penetration into a different creative stage, one of maturity and of assuming the condition of a guide of a world that seduces through the natural of handling a theme, through emotional reverberation, by capturing a character and a certain state, by integrating the processing of information in a new context of self-development.

The watchwords in leadership are transformation and the unpredictable. You must be open to change and to expect the unexpected. In an unexpected moment, the master came into my life, making me appreciate and love art, sending me a deep mood. I was open to his ideas, to the message he sent to me and I immediately made friends with him. And my life has evolved in another direction.

If you want people to follow you, you must manage my master’s performance and to forward your perceptions towards your art in such a way as to not have any doubt about you. They will realize who you are after a few moments spent with you. If you are unable to induce a deep state of mind among them, if you cannot find a way to demonstrate your value and your leadership’s value, if you do not stimulate their interest and curiosity through suggestion, by communication, through message, through your mastery, through positive spiritual momentum, then they will never share your values and ideals.

Leadership is a process of human transformation. That starts with you - from your essence, the spirit that you wear in you and which you cultivate to others.

Leadership: Do you offer people a support that is well anchored in your art through the position you undertake in a sense of the sublime, and not as a defining formula through which you can justify your way in which you promote your knowledge and imagination?

If you're a fan of photography, respectively digital cameras, then certainly you know the technology of "Face Detection". It facilitates obtaining perfect group photos, recognizing multiple faces and ensuring that each subject is exposed and focused as well.

Around the same way you have to function too: to facilitate building relationships with others, acknowledging those that want to give them fully to your art and making sure that everyone will focus on common objectives as well. That's exactly what my master did and managed with me.

But you must give them a good support to create the bridge between you and them. In other news, you must induce a deep state of mind among them, to find a way to prove your value through the diversity of inward exploration and through the way you treat creation, to stimulate their interest and curiosity through suggestion, by communication, through message, through your mastery, through positive spiritual momentum, so they will share their values and ideals and to not doubt a single moment that everything is okay.

The way you influence people’s sensitivity does not depend as much on the image you know how to capitalize upon as it does on the sublime and beauty of the truth you represent in a unique composition, even more uplifting for the souls contemplating it.

Conclusion: The art of leadership lies in establishing human relationships, relationships based on trust, esteem and mutual respect. To change people's mentality, you as a leader must provide a concrete "support" and a safe way to follow. This can be achieved by anchoring people to your leadership.


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