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Configure your art in such a way as to generate a new state of mind
On January 30, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

Every time I entered the master’s workshop I felt energetic, as if I had been introduced into a mystery beyond times whose charm is mirrored in the reality of a presence that cannot be forgotten. I felt as though I had built my destiny, the space to determine a new impulse in what regards the evolution of artistic composition on a journey simply called: life. I got into his game, an irresistible impulse through that I could enter the true essence of art. It was the game of a great artist who had discovered in me a native talent for painting, and considered that it was his duty to guide me. He believed I have potential.

The purpose of his game was to remove all my imperfections and to stimulate my curiosity, imagination, knowledge and learning. He made it through his so complex language, but poetic, especially through his own artistic activities. I felt I was part of his game because I do not know why I felt that I always aroused his curiosity.

Leadership: Are you willing to work on educating others through a theoretically infinite art, symbolizing the living space of a reality controller by the impulse of a feeling of the type: “Do I belong to another world”?

The famous French sculptor Antoine Bourdelle - the first artist who has managed to unite architecture with sculpture in a single volume, at a time wrote: "There is no more beautiful victory, no fuller and happier life than the one you lead consecrating to all the people."

For me, the master was one of the great enigmas of the world, the wide universe of a super-lucid consciousness, producing images overturned upon reality, the product of an imagination that produces images, of a reproductive imagination and of a creative imagination, each of them based on the one before it. With no doubt he was an enlightened man ! A man of deep thought, a keen observer of human nature, imbued with an intense thirst for knowledge. He was a true teacher of art - the qualitative one, not trashy. Due to his lectures I could benefit of his wisdom and experience. He had that talent that was to find the bridge between us and the way to communicate with me to make him understood.

- I'm feeling able to do much more than that, he often said after finishing a painting. And, each time watching his creations, in my mind I said:

- Wow ! More than that? What could be nicer than this? I was following his work, and I appreciated the passion and dedication with which he completed his personal collection of paintings. I was amazed. His paintings, especially portraits, influenced my thinking and the way to perceive art.

His art has contributed to my education, to the improvement of my qualities. I was fully belonging to his world in the same way that the color of his sensation and knowledge belonged to the palette specifically chosen for a pictorial theme through excellence, invested with extremely varied, metaphorical, and symbolic functionalities, which dealt with the poetics of the portrait in a form of surrealistic expression, in an area in which the biographical element can be included in the way of reflecting reality through the filter of subjectivity.

Leadership: Are you mirrored in the difference between imagination as a product of an art that produces new universes and the inspiring image stemming from the depths of a reactive-superior consciousness?

Happiness, someone said, is a state of mind that is manifested by an attitude. Your role as a leader is to give happiness to people producing in them a state of mind to make them feel like new, to motivate them to get closer to your art and deepen it. Make efforts to keep always in them a positive attitude.

At one point I made myself one promise, I will become my master's equal. My whole being was filled with that state of bliss that pure feeling of genuine admiration and respect that I hold for him. Here was, so my state of mind that engulfed me. It was my state of mind that encouraged me, animated me and that made me think I can do it all.

The state of mind you produce around you facilitates the connection between you and other people. A qualitative leadership is characterized by a positive state of mind, with trends towards competitiveness and self-realization.

But the question arises: how can this state of mind stemming from the depths of a reactive-superior knowledge be shown in an image? Well, such an image can be replicated through your interaction with the empirical experiences that marked your irreversible transition in a vaste world belonging to a distinct personality.

An art that produces new universes is an invitation to penetrate the deepest meaning of an existence that, although yours, seems somewhat alien to you.

Can you present to the world an entirely different mindset in the coordinates of a universe in which you are the center of the circle of an identity of transcendent value, whose perimeter is unlimited?

Conclusion: Leadership should be understood to be accepted. On the basis of leadership is communication. Finding appropriate ways to make yourself understood by exploring the distinct universe of other personalities, you will create a state of mind that will mobilize people to achieve the common goal.


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