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Who Doesn't Deserve To Be A Chief

On April 29, 2009, in Leadership-Y5-SuperZoom, by Neculai Fantanaru

Ensure coherence to the whole process of the desired change, without orienting yourself on a worn map.

She thought that if she is a graduate of two faculties, as if she holds a doctorate and a didactic title, nobody will ever ask or demand her some explanations. But she was terribly wrong !

It's not easy to conduct a clinic laboratory. It would be really absurd to believe that every person has the necessary competences to do this thing. First of all a laboratory chief has to be present the entire programme established by the existent settlement so that he could answer to all the requests that the general manager of the hospital has. He needs to have some experience in administering at least a section, or a branch of activity, so a leading experience he needs to have by all means.

Therewith, a laboratory chief has the obligation to evaluate the professional performances of the personnel which are in his direct administration, according to the organizational structure and data sheet, and to contribute at the fulfilling and maintaining an atmosphere of collaboration, calm and a fair-play competition in the laboratory. And, it's very important to participate at all the meetings in which are discussed problems about the activity of the laboratory or the unity (dispensary, hospital) in which he works.

All these tasks which had to be accomplished many times were too "absurd" for a laboratory chief who, based on the fact that she is a graduate of two faculties and that she has a didactic title, she can afford to do what she wants. Therefore, she didn't take seriously her attributions, she didn't get involved in the laboratory problems, in the very important problems demanded by the manager of the hospital (problems about the organization, acquisitions, statistical reports, etc.), she almost never participated at the meetings – to offer some information about the made analysis, the laboratory problems, beside the fact that she was going to work and leaving from work whenever she wanted, without giving any explanations.

What were the other things that she didn't do? Well, nothing, just like any person exceedingly overbearing and arrogant. Finally, the hospital managers took the most inspired decision, the single possible: to dismiss immediately the laboratory chief and replace her.

Leadership: Do you navigate an unknown area to demonstrate that your important skills can be recognized in the presence of a key value that defines you?

If you navigate in an area, which is not covered by any map, you have all the chances to never find what you are looking for. And if you do not reach the established destination, it means you have not accomplished anything. An unknown area is a last remaining piece of writing in a memo that will never be published. The prestige of the area you represent increases the image of your business and your future.

The chief of the laboratory is like a ship captain who has all the chances to never find the way to the true performance if he puts his trust in a poorly trained crew. It is like they would navigate left to chance, promiscuously, guided by the principle "a map is not useful for anything."

As a head of the laboratory you must know exactly what tasks you have to fulfill, both on long-term and short-term, and to know your responsibilities. It is hard to coordinate the activity of people in a laboratory, especially if they are either few, and the number of reviews is very high, or if they are close to retirement and no longer have any interest to improve themselves.

The key value that defines the leader is represented by the discovery of an area of competence that he can control only by establishing measures to prevent and limit the effects of abdication from personal power.

In other cases, it's hard to coordinate the activity of those people even if they have enough experience, but who don't want to be coordinated, they don't want a chief, but they prefer to lead themselves, to do whatever they want, they prefer to be in a "crazy place." So, it's a big responsibility to be a laboratory chief when you confront difficult situations that need different approaches. And in these conditions is very hard to accomplish your work skills with seriousness and professionalism, with success and with a smile on your face.

To analyze the map of leadership means to study each element of it that may come in your help and that may ensure your success, and to extract as much information about the territory in which you intend to exercise your influence. In leadership, you cannot orient yourself on a worn map, and to keep yourself moving following the indications provided by it. First of all, you need to draw by yourself a map to delimit the most valuable members of the crew, of those impostors who claim to be more than they are.

Leadership: Does the perfect image of your profession correspond to redefining the area of applicability of an attribute that does not make any contribution to achieving the concordance between the need for the desire to perfect and the virtue of behaving in the midst of disorder?

A hospital managers can't take the risk of keeping at the administration of a laboratory, where every day a lot of sick people come and they need a lot of investigations, a slow person, who is not capable of respecting the obligations written in the work contract, and above this, with a lot of arrogance.

This is what the hospital manager said after he fired the laboratory chief: "Despite the grades and the obtained credits, if the laboratory chief doesn't do his/her job; he/she will be replaced without a doubt." Firm and categorical! That's a quality management !

Hence, in the course of your approaches, you must systematically follow the way in which are appearing the constituent components of the map you use in order to achieve performance. You should reveal the hidden side of people, depending on the fluidity of their qualities and skills. To guide yourself on a worn map means to give to people the authority to disregard your vision, means to let them do what they want.

Leadership is a journey from which you have a great chance of returning as a hero, knowing that you are doing something extra from the perspective of creating a new image of the specialization you are addressing in relation to others.

Conclusion: When it comes to the success of an organisation, of an institution, the most skilled managers will notice the professionalism, seriousness and the performances that the employees and the service chief prove, not the theoretical credits. Actually, managers will not have a choice, if they want their company to work; they will have to think twice before hiring someone in an important leading job.


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