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Show the reality to your own being
On January 03, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

I always appreciated at my master his good qualities: erudition, wisdom, the depth with which he sees the world or reality around it, but especially, his artistic talent, by which he was very proud and that knew to use it.

One day, the teacher invited me to his work studio; he waved me to sit on a chair, then, with a very fine hand movement put aside the strip of cloth that had covered his latest creation. I was amazed. The painting depicted his personal image, but gave him a special personality.

He was himself, in his way of being bizarre and silent. It was his personal spiritual being who exudes a lot of sensitivity, but also strength. It was the image of his personal character, fascinating and charismatic, with an imposing figure, reflecting a genuine wisdom and exuberant vitality.

The emphasis felt on his determined character, virile, with a distinct expression. Facial features (cheekbone prominence, jaws than narrowed to his chin, penetrating eyes, and serious look) give him a marked individuality, emphasizing his strength and skill - his character indicators. Strong chin and slightly sharped, thick and arched eyebrows, gave him a look of determination, an unquestioned virility, and which also gives him a special charm. A great stillness was almost etched in his physiognomic features, net, as if carved in marble.

Leadership: Can you create your own identity, defined by reference values specific to a vision that can be passed on, by expressing what you feel through a reflection on how you are seen by others?

While I carefully studied his creation – self-portrait - the master broke the silence, telling me with a smiling face:

- Nicu, the instrument of the artist is art that comes from his own being. Before you get your ideas in the world with your special creations, before you make known your talent you must have time to create your own identity in a picture that represents you. If you really want to be admired and appreciated, give a distinct side of your personality to the character from the picture.

And then I understood. Looking at the picture very carefully, which rendered the whole creature of my master (starting with the aspect and ending with clothing) in which were well outlined his character traits; I realized he was a different personality from that which I knew. The painting suggests the safety of a powerful character, emphasizing his hidden qualities.

The painting, done with a skill worthy of all praise, has revealed the true identity of my master, defined around values such as respect, dignity, love, honesty, courage, firmness. In other words, the picture highlighted his sincere and responsible attitude.

Leadership: Can you open your soul to people through the image whose exploitation begins with studying the relationship between what you claim to be and what you really are?

Begin to change the world by changing yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror, reflect on your own being, to your own character, your own attitude, and take the leeway to create your own "profile", in which you outline as well your personality. Do not know how to paint? Appeal to a painter. Painting is the most profound way you can reach people's souls, in no event photography. A photography, no matter how well done, do not arouse much interest, while a painting makes you look at it carefully, very carefully because better reflects how you are perceived by different eyes. Only a very good painter manages to pull out the traits of a person.

Make a great entrance into the world by showing to the people your portrait, your picture, and then wait for their reaction. Exactly, with no shame. If you want to be promoted more quickly in a high function, put your portrait anywhere in sight. And you will see the major impact on all those who know you. This strategy is what I call "to open your opportunity window". It is a reliable means to propel you forward. It's the perfect opening for a full and effective leadership because people see in you not only a leader, but also a great person with special artistic ambitions, a shrewd and honest person.

As your success to be guaranteed create an image that exudes a deep-rooted love and to emphasize strength, skill and your determination. To make yourself known, your image needs to focus all eyes, so to be a perfect composition, balanced, without too many paint effects.

What you claim to be is reflected in the picture you build and offer for viewing. What you really are can be reconstituted from the perspective demanded by the totality of your creation or the integrity of the vision you share regarding the way you’ve chosen to live.

Conclusion: A good opinion, really great about yourself, does not mean a decisive factor in leadership. What matters very much, though, is how you are perceived by others.

A "portrait" displayed on canvas, executed by a person who knows you well, it would be an excellent exercise for you to know yourself better, to see through another's eyes as you are charged. Then, analyze and retouche what you do not like about it and at your own personality.

Show the reality of your own being, those around you !


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