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Strengthen your influence by developing an art based on deep affinities
On February 27, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

The master did not consider himself to be fully formed to publicly manifest. He continued to work with the same enthusiasm and dedication as do people only really talented and passionate about their work, eager to increasingly enrich his artistic horizons. But, although nothing from what he did was not like the others, although his paintings full of vibration and atmosphere continued to fascinate him, he remained firm in his decision. Many times I asked him, I insisted to send his works to art exhibitions that were organized, or at the Official Salons, but I have not succeeded in shaking in no way his decision.

Master told me with that expression that appears when someone speaks from the heart:

- Nicu, to appear in public is the biggest challenge for me. I think this comes from a fear of mine, very intense that I will not live up to expectations. Therefore, it is important for me to improve my art before displaying myself in the public.

Leadership: Do you fine-tune your art in such a way as to leave a trace in the emotion of others because of the level of self-image and the sense of your own value assumed by addressing the content you want to emphasize in a particular way?

The leadership is an expression of correspondence between you, your work and those who evaluate you. The master was right. In order not to encounter any resistance, or any harsh criticism from someone, he must improve his art in order to induce in viewers a sense of satisfaction that will exercise over them a special attraction. His art had to express, however, a particularly useful degree.

Leadership is based on the interaction between you and your work, and symbolizes the respect between you and other people. If you fail to create a permanent link with them are slim chances that their dedication and motivation to persist. Just as an artist paints according to his will and heart all that delights and excites him - so people will relate to your leadership, depending on their own criteria, by their own belief, by their will and after their hearts, according to what inspires and excites them.

As a leader, it falls upon you a difficult task to establish a report to other people and to bring out the best from them. But you cannot expect to be greeted by them with a prompt and full understanding, and to be accepted at their leadership if your art is not based on deep affinity. Your success is measured according to the degree of "adjustement" between you and other people.

A content that you want to highlight in a specific way is an exercise to validate a subjective demonstration. It must be unique, created in a creative and distinctive manner, good enough to provide what the audience is most often looking for: an unforgettable experience.

Leadership: Can you define yourself as a person of great value through the defining understanding of what you are in an exercise of challenging an authority that does not allow contradictions?

Viewers, people who asses your painting are usually the mediators of the fulfillment of the illusion of believing themselves to be artists or great connoisseurs of art. They represent an authority that is not authenticated by anyone who does not usually have solid attributions or competence to evaluate a work. They must be greeted not as superheroes who compete in the center of attention by exposing preconceived ideas and ideas, but as an experiment by which you seek to prove your free will.

As one person clearly states, free will is the power or ability of a human mind to choose the course of action, or to make a decision without being influenced by causes, events, or any special authority. So, try not to take your affinity to that point that you become a slave to other people’s views.

Have you ever wondered what people can find in you? Perhaps your brilliant intelligence that definitely is satisfactory, maybe the charisma that you have been endowed will grab them all, maybe your great performances will enhance their desire to achieve results. Whatever your qualities are, you must be in tune with their tastes, you must gain confidence that your presence arouses their sympathy, and that your leadership matches their wishes. Improve your art if you want them to accept you at their head.

Just as a painter evokes in his works the characteristic aspects with deep emotional substrate and with a rich content of ideas - so and you, as a leader, must paint in the hearts of people a positive image of your leadership, must restore their confidence in your ideas, you have to win their respect for a well-done job, their devotion to the values you believe in order to convince them to finally accept you in their head. But, just like my master, if you're not convinced that you will rise to expectations, then you will not succeed.

In many beings there are similar layers, which strengthen the connection between them. But if their character does not overlap, then they will never aspire to the same ideal. The affinity is the matching between you and other people which arises when your leadership brings harmony and hope in their souls. The affinity is a defining quality of a leader, which guarantees the others.

If you want to create an art that leaves traces in the memory of other people you have to avoid the compromise of considering yourself defeated by their decision. Their views are like the color of an autumnal twilight that changes over time.

Conclusion: The people who look alike are bringing together - an old proverb says. As a leader you have to correspond to the people's expectations that will be with you only if your ideas and methods are accepted by them. Any tendency to suddenly change the mentality of people, will fail. Strengthen your leadership, basing yourself on the development of relationships and deeper affinities with the people you lead !


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