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Reinforce your leadership by expressing your art in an open way
On February 27, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

- I hope that one day my art will circuit around the world, the master told me with a surprising enthusiasm. I have to admit that in his words I felt an overflowing enthusiasm and optimism, like when you discover a new world in a universe created by others especially for you. A slight tremor of heart rummaged his soul. For the thought that he hid a long time of me, of everyone, he banished away the others. It was his greatest and deeper desire.

For the first time my teacher was open to me. His whole science and sensitivity of an artist came to full maturity, it fully opened up to me with a certain magnetism to the whole story of a meaningful life that he invited you to discover. Without doubt, my master spoke from the soul. Sharing his dreams and aspirations, telling me what he feels for his work, what makes him fairly to his work and passion, he managed to convey to me that concentrated emotion that inspires all people to achieve things that they did not believe are able to make. Here's what the master thought about art:

- Through art I can express my worldview. But at the same time, art is a reflection of my life during which I never ceased to believe in miracles and to feel great with myself; it is an illustration of the life of others through the prism of my own values, perceptions and feelings. My most cherished virtues: generosity, imagination, clarity, they are all actually the fruit of my own thinking, thinking that I've perfected through continuing education.

Leadership: Does your need to adjust your image in the multitude of mental states born in a moment of development fit perfectly into the phrase: “one vision, two worlds”?

The tendency to impose your own aesthetic criteria can be reproduced by the following formula: the world you find in the interior space of the artist is the vision he has to find in the complexity of the model that translates it onto the canvas. This vision, speaking in the name of ideals of what must mean to experience the discovery of a new destination, of a new sensibility, of a new consciousness on the background of the significance of life, is possible by assuming an identity that itself reflects the personality of the artist and the approach to a unique theme thought of from the perspective of his reality.

The bond that unites you with others is your openness to them in a context of art that has a rich vision of life. The meaning they attribute to the stories of their own development, having the originality and individuality of a creation that does not cease to amaze, shapes your personality and clarifies your vision. The continual appetite for creation is the engine that puts you into operation, which supports you in undertaking everything you set out to do and helps you find the best way to go in the professional sphere.

Leadership means having the courage to express openness to people by sharing with them your ideas, feelings you have toward your own person, to certain situations, especially compared to your career goals. The master has been opened to me, teaching me his secret thoughts, his ideals, his dreams, telling me what he feels for his art and what makes him fairly to his work and passion, knowing that in this way our relationship of cooperation will develop more.

The need to adjust your image in the multitude of mental states born at a certain moment of development fits perfectly into the phrase: “one vision, two worlds” when you use your ability to see and explain everything through your eyes, soul and practiced mind of an artist who knows how to capitalize on his work, that is, everything that best suits him. Such states as your tenderness, sensitivity or intensity make up the background of a life that focuses on the aesthetic aspect of reality and the background of a masterpiece that honors every intellectual who defends his role as a reformer.

Leadership: Can you represent yourself in the relationship with your audience by promoting the image of an artist who knows that man’s greatness stems not so much from the fact that he can change the world, but that the world itself can change the substrate on which art is full of force and refinement?

When you talk to people from the heart about your professional activity, about the projects you’re involved, about your feelings across to what is important to you, about your future plans, when you share to them your ideas and your professional goals, or even your dreams (but without giving your words an empathic character) you inform them that you are an empathetic person who knows to be left uncovered, which resonates easily with the world, who knows how to communicate and to sympathize with others any time.

To understand what motivates those around you, it is essential to empathize with them and to share with them what, in turn, motivates and guides you in life. Just so you will establish a cordial relationship with them, just so they will gain more confidence in yourself and will open to you by expressing more easily their feelings, expectations, thoughts and views.

As a leader it is expected for you to have more meetings with people from your subordinate in order to discuss matters of common interest. For partnership component (association, cooperation, teamwork) to remain very strong, open up before them, telling them honestly what you think and feel opposite the working relationship between you and them.

A strong and refined art, if we focus our attention on the world around us, can be seen as a self-experience that borrows some of the magic emanating from the style of all inspirational models that the artist transposes into compositions, images, color.

Conclusion: To strengthen your position and to attract new supporters, be open, collaborate and socialize much with all those around you. Be open to suggestions and proposals. Being a good "listener" of people you will be able to exercise a certain degree of influence on them, you will know what strategies to adopt and especially what levers to act to change their mentality.


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