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Contour your art by giving more expression and color to the states of your soul
On February 27, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

It was a beautiful day of spring with a bright blue sky and with a fresh whiff that smelled of sea breeze. Everything seemed to be detached from a corner of heaven that was getting me drunk, inviting me, waiting for me to contemplate, depending only on me how to express it through the words of a time that is reborn from the original splendor of a painting that emanates a certain type of vibrational energy, resembling the vital force that acts upon any living being. I was in the courtyard, in the middle of the garden full of hyacinths which became a place of inspiration for my creations. There I could practice my artistic abilities in the greatest peace.

The master looked at me dearly, as the painter looks at a painting through the practical eye of the evolution of a character from a studied psychological novel, both cruel and captivating. His eyes full of wisdom gathered as if for centuries seemed to invite for discussion and communication. Pierced of the spirit of his teachings, I was able to develop more my creative and aesthetic side, but I was far away from boasting with my creations. It was just a novice on the road to perfection.

The master broke the silence and told me as a connoisseur of art and as an admirer of beauty:

- Nicu, your drawing is pretty good, but cold. The color is uniform, shy, without momentum, without vibration, without charm. Try to add a little tenderness, a little spice, a little optimism, a dram of fantasy, a bit of sparkle, a dash of life, of happiness and pleasure... Nicu, you will not ever be able to make art if your work does not incorporate a bit of your soul.

Leadership: Does the correspondence between your status and your spiritual state outline an art at the intersection between expressing an abstract idea by concrete means and the moment of the immediate, palpable but rare and magnificent experience?

The place you occupy in people's lives is very important for your position. As a leader, if you work efficiently and to high standards you will increase the motivation of those around you, and you will increase your efficiency. They will recognize your merits and will appreciate you for the enthusiasm that you show. But it is not enough to create high-quality activities to strengthen relations of cooperation between you and them.

An abstract idea is a thought that troubles you tied to the story of an ordinary man who becomes a hero in a poetry of the moment, in a piece of expanded time in which the emotions stretch to the fullest. For people to really appreciate you for who you are, for your good-defined personality, convey to them the feelings full of colorful, of life, of affection, optimism and hope. So, add an emotional load to your thoughts in a poem of every man's moment. That is what indirectly my master gave me to understand.

Just as a painter creates from the rigor of ample forms, impetuous, a transfigured world, more sustainable, more concrete even more than the reality - so and you, as a leader, you must make from the practices that you use and from the activities that you undertake, a picture full of vibration and glare to express your sociable nature, open and lively. You could produce a very agreeable impression which will fully convince them to follow you by giving people enough arguments in your favor, arguments that highlight the qualities of your soul.

Leadership: Does the positive state of affection in your painting seem to be the consequence of a world without the guiding points of the moment, and is it willing to accept it?

Romanian psychologist I. Găvănescul noted: “From the multitude of unconscious states of mind at one moment, they become immediately conscious, upon whom, for one reason or another, we diligently guide our spirit.”

What is revealed to you through the sensations you’re experiencing vis-à-vis anything or anyone is the consequence of trying to build a world on foundations that you do not hesitate to designate as the main ones responsible for the milestones of a moment that became a spiritual force and accepted as a kind of conclusion that does not dare slam into your mind a day-to-day reality that can be considered the completion of a painting that emits heat and a fitting message: “Turn your sensitivity into a form of art !”

Just as deep knowledge of forms, of volumes and values it is used by the painter to render in detail all the desired effects - just the same deep knowledge of your personality and your leadership it is useful for the people to decide whether it is worthy or not to be in perfect accord with the way you think. The leadership depends on the human nature, namely of what you really are and how others perceive you. Leadership is based on the relationship between the passing moment and the image that remains imprinted in the memory of time.

The people’s mood determines their professionalism. They will give you more confidence than usual, and will dedicate more to their work only if you manage to improve their state of mind. This affects them directly, hall-marks on their energy levels contributing to their full "working". In leadership it is important that their state of mind to be identical to yours, and to be as good as possible.

The guiding points of the moment that art best accepts are the forms of existence based on charisma and sensitivity, not on non-values or indifference. A world without guiding points is like a painting without color. Try to assign more sensitivity to your leadership, more flavor, more optimism, more fantasy, more glow, a bit of life, happiness and pleasure - not to give the sensation of "cold".

A new vision of art is an inventory of referential events for the memory of a moment that has become a landmark of a supposed visual – conceptual unity.

Conclusion: The quality of the leadership depends on the individual typical expression of the leader, of the association established between him and other people. Just as a dull picture, non-sensitized and unimpressive is avoided - so a toneless leader, dull, not impressing through the transmitted ideas and feelings, will lamentably fail.


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